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Wie kann ich meine CPU Temperatur anzeigen, wie heiß darf meine CPU maximal werden und was sind "normale" CPU Temperaturen? CPU-Temperatur unter Windows anzeigen: Mit diesen Tools geht es Alternativ zum Weg über die Eingabeaufforderung finden Sie im Internet auch eine Reihe von Tools, um die CPU-Temperatur auszulesen. Core Temp’s Settings menu allows you to tweak exactly what you’ll see in the system tray, and how you’ll see it, but the default configuration makes it dead-simple to see if your CPU is overheating or performing as expected. Afterburner posts CPU monitoring stats just a smidgen lower that Intel Extreme Tuning (which I use to OC my CPU to 5ghz all core) but it also allows for adjusting the power, GPU and memory OCs and setting the fan profile of Gigabyte 2080S GPU. Core Temp isn’t the only option though. NZXT’s Cam software is another popular option with a diverse skillset. It’s a measurement of the actual heat on the die. HWInfo is an in-depth system monitoring tool that provides deep details about every piece of your PC’s hardware. You can check the CPU temperature using a command line utility called sensors. High CPU temperatures are often caused by years of dust and grime built up inside a PC, clogging fans and crucial air pathways. At this point, some CPUs will begin throttling, meaning the clock speed will slow down to ensure it doesn't overheat, and your PC may turn off. If all that doesn’t help, your cooling solution simply might not be capable of keeping up with your CPU’s heat output, especially if you’re pairing a stock cooler or a modest third-party cooler with higher-end chips—and doubly so if you’re overclocking. ", (Image credit: Alan Sheldon/Shutterstock), LG 27GN950-B 4K 144Hz Monitor Review: One Fast Pixel Mover, Raspberry Pi Welcomes IQaudio To the Fold, Newegg's Revised Return Policy Angers Customers, Cyberpunk 2077 Bug Bulldozes AMD Ryzen: Here's a Fix, Tested, Cyber Prusa: The Official Cyberpunk 3D Printer Mod by Prusa, MSI's GF65 Laptop Drops to Just $899 at Newegg. Speccy. Cpu Temperatur anzeigen. Ist Ihre CPU-Temperatur nicht normal, kann das schwerwiegende Folgen haben. Per-core CPU temperature readings provided by the Core Temp app. Please refresh the page and try again. To get the best of both worlds, you can pin CPU temperature and GPU temperature to the taskbar. If not, more intensive steps are in order. If you are using a full-size desktop PC, however, and think your cooling should be adequate, you may want to re-apply thermal paste to your CPU. CAM is developed by PC case, power supply and CPU cooler manufacturer NZXT. While you’re at it, check to make sure that all your fans are working correctly, and that none of the vents in your PC are blocked. Every program listed above displays your processor’s model number, so it’s easy to find. The Settings menu of this CPU temp monitor allows you to tweak exactly what you’ll see in the system tray, and how you’ll see it, but the default configuration makes it dead-simple to see if your CPU is overheating or performing as expected.. Die CPU Temperatur kontrollieren. If you choose to run it in sensors-only mode, scrolling down to the CPU section—the dedicated section, not the CPU temperature portion of the motherboard listing—reveals current temps and other nitty-gritty details. Genau auf diese Fragen gehen wir in diesem Artikel ausführlich ein. Are all your PC's fan's spinning under load? Keeping tabs on your CPU temperatures is crucial when you’re overclocking your PC’s processor, too—you don’t want to accidentally push the performance pedal too far to the metal when you’re supercharging your pricey Core i9-10900K. If your PC starts spontaneously shutting down, locking up, or acting sluggish during intense tasks, overheating could be the issue. Below 30c is green, 30-50c is blue, and red above 50c. Finally, note that if you’re running an AMD Ryzen system, including 3rd-gen models like the ferocious Ryzen 9 3900X or the more modest Ryzen 5 3600X that we crowned the best gaming processor for most people, you may see two different CPU temperature readings. So, it’s always best to keep a check on the CPU temperature while using the computer. With these tools, you can actively check the CPU temperature in real-time. Hallo! Once installed, open Core Temp to see a no-frills look at the current state of your CPU, including an average temperature reading at the bottom of the window. When the CPU is idle, or not being used by any program, a healthy temperature is anything under or around 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit). Are you using a SFF PC, too small of a CPU cooler or a laptop. That's w/ an OC on a 7700k to 5.2ghz using a 240mm liquid cooler. Once installed, CAM offers a well-presented user interface (UI). Core Temp is a lightweight, easy-to-use temperature monitor for Windows computers. Senior Editor, Senior editor Brad Chacos covers gaming and graphics for PCWorld, and runs the morning news desk for PCWorld, Macworld, Greenbot, and TechHive. More of a "usage indicator" than a "hardware safety feature", in it's current state. The Open Hardware Monitor is a free open source software that monitors temperature sensors, fan speeds, voltages, load and clock speeds of a computer. Using BIOS: Reboot your computer. Core Temp isn’t the only computer temperature monitor for Windows 10. With easy options for free CPU temperature monitoring, it’s the perfect time to start keeping regular tabs on yours. You should check your CPU's temps every few months or when experiencing performance issues. As you can see, the current temperature of this system's CPU is 41 degrees Celsius, which is a healthy idle temperature. Future US, Inc. 11 West 42nd Street, 15th Floor, CHIP Fazit zu Core Temp ... die Prozessor-Auslastung Ihres Rechners exakt anzeigen lassen – inklusive Temperatur, und das einzeln für bis zu 24 Prozessor-Kerne. The Open Hardware Monitor supports most hardware monitoring chips found on todays mainboards. Open Hardware Monitor and SpeedFan are other well-regarded monitoring tools that can track system information. Checking your CPU temperature is as easy as firing up a monitoring program and using it to read out the value. As you can see, this CPU has been running at a temperature of 46 degrees Celsius and a maximum of 75 degrees Celsius (167 degrees Fahrenheit) and is, therefore, running at a normal temperature. If you don’t see the information for some reason, search the CPU World website for your CPU’s model number to find the information. You can find small syringes of thermal paste by respected brands like Arctic and Noctua for under $10 on Amazon. Diskussionen und Problemlösungen zum Betriebssystem Microsoft Windows Vista. More advanced users who want the utmost confidence that their CPU can handle aggressive workloads should stress test their CPU to 100% using a program like Prime95 or AIDA64 . The thermal paste that transfers heat from your CPU to its cooler might have dried out if you’ve had your PC for a few years. It does not just measure temperature of your CPU, but also keeps track of other things … Again, if this figure is at or beyond 95 degrees, you should be concerned. Hopefully that fixes the issue. When was the last time you applied fresh thermal paste between your CPU and CPU cooler? 1. You could dive into your system’s BIOS to find the information, but that’s a lot of hassle to find a simple sensor reading. Most thermal paste's performance seriously degrades after about three years. With core temp, you can easily check CPU temperature on Windows 10.. Therefore, in this article, we have decided to share a few best working methods to check the CPU temperature on the Windows 10 computer. Bizarrely, Windows doesn’t offer any way to check your computer’s CPU temperature. Zu viel Wärme ist einer der schlimmsten Feinde eines Computers. Instead, follow this general rule of thumb regarding CPU temperatures under load. Es ist sehr wichtig für die gute Funktionsfähigkeit eines Computers die Temperatur im Rahmen zu halten. Just be sure to untick the freeware in the installation menu first. New York, Most of the free monitoring software mentioned above lists the information as “Tj. Wie kann ich mir unter Win98Se die CPU Temperatur anzeigen lassen! Cam also includes an in-game FPS overlay and overclocking tools, among other features. Fortunately, several free programs exist that make it easy to see your processor’s temperature. That can cause temperature spikes. So, without further ado, let me show you the way to display or show CPU and GPU temperature on the taskbar in Windows 10. Â. If under load your CPU temperature is exceeding 80 degrees Celsius, you should check your system to ensure the CPU's cooling is adequate. You will receive a verification email shortly. You want the “Tdie” reading, depending on how the program you’re using displays the info. Moving up in size and price, the Noctua NH-D14 ($75 on Amazon) is one of the most effective air coolers ever to hit the streets, but its large size might block memory access or not even fit in smaller cases. If it's been over three years, consider re-applying the thermal paste. Der Prozessor ist dafür verantwortlich, wie schnell ein Computer arbeitet. Local hardware stores usually charge outrageous prices for canned air, but you can pick up a bottle for about $8 on Amazon. Its slick interface is easier to read at a glance than those on most other monitoring tools, and the program shows all sorts of useful info about your CPU, graphics card, memory, and storage. The 6xxx series and older Intel CPUs aren't supposed to go over 70. Gaming laptops are often bulky because they're packed with extensive cooling systems. NY 10036. For the Skylake i7 6700HQ CPU, I used this temperature for Conky display below. Is your PC clean and free of dust (including radiator)? Visit our corporate site. HWMonitor 1.43 Englisch: Mit dem kostenlosen HWMonitor behalten Sie Temperatur, Spannung und Lüfter-Geschwindigkeit Ihres Computers stehts im Auge. CPU temp varies by CPU too. You have some wiggle room to creep past 80 degrees Celsius, but anything above 95 degrees Celsius (203 degrees Fahrenheit) is critical. Grundsätzlich sollte die CPU-Temperatur zwar die 70 Grad-Markenicht überschreiten, allerdings hängt sie auch maßgeblich von der Auslastung ab. HWMonitor. Most of the free monitoring software mentioned above lists the information as “Tj. Another CPU temp monitor tool that you can try on your Windows 10 (or older) machine is SpeedFan. Does your model CPU cooler specify a higher cooling capacity than your CPU's rated TDP? (I’ve been a happy Arctic Silver 5 user for years now.). Ich habe einen AMD 1200 MHz und das MSI K7T Turbo! EVGA’s 120mm unit ($55 on Amazon) is a great entry-level CLC, but if you plan on overclocking, consider moving up to a model with larger 240mm radiator, like the straightforward-named EVGA CLC 240 ($105 on Amazon). You’ve got options! Closed-loop liquid cooling solutions (CLCs) provide far cooler temperatures than air coolers with minimal hassle and easy installation. Get instant access to breaking news, in-depth reviews and helpful tips. So kannst du in wenigen Sekunden die CPU Temperatur auslesen und erhälst ähnliche Daten auch für die GPU Temperatur. Laden Sie sich hierfür ein kostenloses Programm, wie Core Temp oder HWMonitor, herunter und starten Sie dieses. First, clean out your PC. The maximum supported temperature varies from processor to processor. Usually when gaming or if periodically running Time Spy I will run MSI Afterburner in background. Below we'll break down what a healthy range of temperatures is for a CPU, how to check your CPU temperature and what to do if your CPU's temperatures are too high. The Cooler Master Hyper 212 ($35 on Amazon) is a solid, affordable air cooler. If you don't mind third-party utilities I like to use Conky--a light weight system monitor. Buying a new CPU cooler may be in order. Once pinned, those temperatures will be updated constantly to give you the live reading. There was a problem. When running such a stress test, keep a close eye on the temperatures, using the tools mentioned below, and back off once they reach too high a number, i.e. It provides good info into how my desktop is running and if temps are running higher than usual then its time to vacuum and blow out the dust. Copyright © 2020 IDG Communications, Inc. Applying fresh paste and cleaning the system from dust can offer much better cooling power and significantly better performance. In this article, we’ll learn how to check the CPU temperature on Ubuntu. Your BIOS is the menu that lets you adjust your computer’s … Wenn Sie sich die Temperatur Ihres Prozessors anzeigen lassen wollen, gelingt dies entweder über das BIOS oder aber durch Zusatz-Programme, die noch weitere Infos bieten. Temperature with Conky. Wenn ihr gerade euren (ersten) eigenen Gaming PC gebaut oder ein älteres System habt, ist es immer eine gute Idee, die Temperatur eurer CPU zu überwachen. Umso kühler er bei Belastung bleibt, desto mehr Leistung kann er vollbringen. This is more important than idle temperatures (assuming idle temps are fine) and you'll want to periodically monitor your CPU temperature under load to ensure it's adequately cooled during such conditions. Mehr Infos. Anything between 80 and 95 degrees may have room for improvement. CAM also has an overlay, which automatically turns on when you enter a game when CAM is running. Für Links auf dieser Seite erhält CHIP ggf. Max.” That stands for the temperature junction, or the highest operating temperature of the hardware. The alternative “Tctl” reading is the control temperature reported to your cooling system and sometimes includes a temperature offset to ensure universal fan speed behavior between the various Ryzen chips. You can click on this block to access further details, as shown in the image below. We consider an ideal stress test to be one hour long, though your maximum temperature will likely level off after 10-15 minutes. … Our favorite software tool for monitoring your CPU temperature, HWMonitor is geared … Most users won’t find any reason to check every day, but software solutions now make the process easier than ever. Luckily, checking your CPU temperature is pretty easy and doesn't require you to open up your PC and stick a thermometer inside. The first block features the CPU's status, which shows the load, temperature, clock speed and cooler fan speed. Removing the old thermal paste with rubbing alcohol and a applying fresh layer can potentially help lower temperatures by a large amount. Read our, Learn more about PCWorld's Digital Editions, [ Further reading: The best CPUs for gaming ], we crowned the best gaming processor for most people. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Like many free programs, it tries to install bloatware unless you uncheck some boxes during setup. Several brands are available, but we’ve been using EVGA’s closed-loop cooler in PCWorld’s powerful, dedicated graphics card testing system to great results. Motherboard Monitor Englisch: Überwachen Sie mit dieser Freeware Spannung, Lüfter-Geschwindigkeit und Temperatur von Motherboard und CPU. Heat and electronics don't mix. For example, most laptops come with very compact cooling solutions that work well for short term performance bursts but need to slow down during extended gaming sessions to stay below the shut-off threshold. SpeedFan. - GPU und CPU Temperatur anzeigen: Mit dem kleinen nützlichen Programm HWMonitor, kannst Du die Temperaturen von CPU, GPU, und Mainboard auslesen. Max.” I prefer to keep mine around 28-32 idle and 50-55 under load despite having a 100° threshold. Temperatur CPU BIOS Prozessor. If monitoring software (like HWInfo here) displays two CPU temperatures for Ryzen processors, look for the “Tdie” reading. Instead, every CPU comes with digital thermal sensors built-in, so all you need is a bit of software to read their measurements. CPU-Temperatur im BIOS anzeigen lassen - … CPU-Temperatur anzeigen mit Core Temp So geht's. The maximum supported temperature varies from processor to processor. Editor’s note: We updated this article to include modern processors and updated cooling hardware recommendations throughout. He tweets too. Checking your CPU temperature is as easy as firing up a monitoring program and using it to read out the value. While it's intended to be used with their product, it works really well as a casual monitoring tool even if you don't own any NZXT hardware. This overlay can show you your CPU's status while in-game, providing you with load temperature measurements. With its larger heatsink and fan, it’s a solid step up over stock AMD and Intel CPU coolers. Mit den kostenlosen Tools Core Temp und HWMonitor könnt ihr euch unter Windows 10 die CPU-Temperatur anzeigen lassen. eine Provision vom Händler, z.B. Check CPU temperature in Linux command line. The stress test temperature was achieved by running Prime95 for about 30 minutes, though the CPU hit its maximum temperature of 75 degrees Celsius within 10 minutes. Praxistipps; Hardware; Verwandte Themen. I would be more concerned about clock speed than temp -- if it's throttling down too much then that tells you something's wrong. My msi x470 gaming plus lets me use rgb lights on the back of the board to have an idea where my cpu temps are. CPU-Temperatur ermitteln per System-Tray Core Temp arbeitet insofern intelligent, als dass es jeden verbauten CPU-Kern nur einmal als Symbol darstellt. But that’s the maximum temperature—the point at which your processor freaks out and shuts down to avoid damage. Die folgenden Werte dienen als Richtlinien und liegen allesamt im absoluten Normbereich: Einige Jahre lang kursierte vor allem unter Hardware-Bastlern das Gerücht, dass die Prozessoren von Intel wesent… The fastest, easiest way to check your CPU temp is using the aptly named Core Temp. This article should be renamed "How to monitor your CPU temperature in Windows. All that extra metal and fans can accommodate even fierce overclocks. You can also use the Core Temp tool to monitor the temperatures, which is a simpler tool that works with a more basic UI.

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