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Alfred asks Æthelhelm’s opinion of Uhtred, who he sees as nothing more than an outlaw. 25 episodes (see below) Status Ælswith argues that is a tale that would overshadow all others. It’s future will be secured through unions. Also, he reveals that the church in Cynuit was destroyed and the monks there killed. Beocca believes this was a test for Alfred, and he emerged stronger. ("Episode 3.9"), Winchester has learned of Alfred's death. Alfred then confronts Uhtred for killing Abbot Eadred on blessed ground. He then tasks Father Pyrlig with traveling to East Anglia to deliver a letter to King Æthelstan. ("Episode 3.10"). He also informs Alfred of a former Saxon slave Uhtred, whom Beocca had known as a child. As he escapes, he is captured by the Danes and brought to a Danish warlord, Earl … And still, Alfred treats him no better than a hound. ("Episode 1.7"), Iseult gives Alfred a tonic for the pain in his stomach. Alfred was a noble; he was born a prince of. And therefore, the marriage is dismissed. In the show, The Last Kingdom, the main protagonist Uhtred of Bebbenburg, a child who is the rightful heir to his land, tries to flee, after the Danes raid his kingdom. Alfred makes his presence known. Alfred will send word and ask for word regarding Æthelflæd’s health. He continues to grow ill. Alfred agrees that they shall march. Novel Series The Last Kingdom's King Alfred is supposed to be England's Alfred The Great -but has he lived up to the namesake? Clapa then informs Uhtred and Finan that a ship of traders approaches. King of the West Saxons: 871 – c.886King of the Anglo-Saxons: c.886 – 899 Alfred wants to expand that. He no longer serves a purpose, and so Alfred sends him back to his estate. There is a third way. ("Episode 1.8"), Alfred, Ælswith, Æthelflæd, Æthelwold, Odda, and Father Beocca attend a Witan in Winchester. The situation got even worse when he decided to take away Ecgwynn's children. They still have men in Northumbria. Uhtred warns Alfred that Sigefrid and his men are near and that now is the chance to kill them all. King Alfred defeated the Norse at the Battle of Edington, secured a treaty defining his kingdom and the Danelaw with Earl Guthrum, and made Guthrum convert to Christianity under the name King Æthelstan of East Anglia. Alfred and Ælswith show Æthelflæd a map of their lands as well as beyond their borders. ("Episode 3.8"), Alfred has a chronicle of Wessex. Brown Cause of Death Motivated by this, Uhtred decides to help Alfred by going into Readingham as a spy to gain knowledge of any forseeable Danish military plans to gain his trust as an Ealdorman. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Alfred is a bit of a dour prick but he means well, both for his family and his kingdom. King Alfred's slow decline from illness, however, is one of the Netflix series' most important. "Episode 3.9" (alive)"Episode 3.10" (corpse) Alfred informs Æthelhelm that a Great Dane army is coming and they will pray for their defeat. The priest will fetch men because without men, passage to the south would be impossible. However, Alfred sees Æthelwold as a reflection of his own failings. Alfred also left his daughter at the mercy of Aethelred, not to mention forcing Ecgwynn into a monastery and taking away her children just to legitimize a more prominent marriage for Edward. Edward asks what of his children. Alfred needs Uhtred more than Uhtred needs Alfred; Alfred needs to build a nation, Uhtred doesn't. Alfred, who is played by David Dawson, is one of the central characters in the BBC historical epic The Last Kingdom, which follows the fictional hero Uhtred. Edward and Ecgwynn's marriage was one of the sweeter relationships on the show because it was born out of love. King Alfred, Æthelwold, Æthelred, Aldhelm, and Steapa lead an army of warriors to stop Odda and the Devonshire fyrd. Æthelred is also willing to bequeath her titled lands in order to strengthen the union between Mercia and Wessex. RELATED: The Last Kingdom: 5 Times Uhtred Saved Winchester (& 5 Times Winchester Failed Him). ("Episode 3.5"), Off in the woods, Alfred, Edward, Steapa, Beocca, and the Wessex guard watch as Uhtred and his men are surrounded by Hæsten and an army of Danes. But right now, the crown is the only thing of importance. However, Alfred cannot. He gifts Uhtred with a Saxon mail coat and helmet and promises him a Saxon marriage which will entitle him to Wessex lands and therefore an Ealdorman title. While all of Wessex was gathered to watch Leofric and Uhtred duel to the death, Guthrum attacked, and Alfred lost Wessex for the first time in its history. The Last Kingdom (2015– ) Full Cast & Crew. In knocking him to the ground, Uhtred kills Brother Godwin unintentionally. While he has no regrets, he acknowledges that he went beyond what is his right and accepts any punishment necessary. Kick the Dog : After Uhtred threatens his life and deserts Wessex after being pushed too far, Alfred had Uhtred's children taken and baptised, knowing full well it will infuriate their father. Should they decide to block the river, Wessex will be starved of trade. Three of Alfred's brothers, Æthelbald, Æthelberht and Æthelred, reigned in turn before him. However, Uhtred never held a trial. The plan is to march before the deepest winter makes it impossible. Hair Now that he's gone, maybe she could turn over a new leaf in season 5 -that is if she survives. He is by far their most accomplished warrior and has been nothing but loyal. Alfred tells Hæsten that his loyalty towards their agreement will not be forgotten. Odda tells the king to look around him and see what has been sacrificed. ("Episode 3.9"), To Alfred, it feels like just yesterday he was giving baby Edward over to Uhtred and Iseult when he was sickly and dying. But Alfred, is firm in his decision to not give up any more land. When it came to saving Alfred and Wessex, Uhtred never held back. Rescuing Guthred to become the king of Northumbria was Alfred's idea, although he realized it may finally give Uhtred the freedom he always sought. Uhtred kicks Alfred to the ground and escapes. However, Uhtred was in the company of Ragnar, who was under Alfred’s orders and whom he will hold responsible for the killing of Abbot Eadred. The Danes have well over 1,000 men in London. Such an oath would be for the rest of his life. It would be a beacon. Steapa helps him onto his horse and he and Beocca follow behind. He is accused of conspiring with the Danes to ride against Mercia and Wessex. Odda joins them to inform Alfred that Uhtred has left Winchester, but they don’t know where he went. However, Odda wants Uhtred held accountable. ("Episode 2.1"), Alfred has Brida and Ragnar brought before him. ("Episode 2.8"), Father Pyrlig returns to Winchester with Æthelred and Aldhelm to inform Alfred that Odda has raised the fyrd of Devonshire. ("Episode 2.6"), Alfred expresses his concerns to Ælswith. The idea of a single kingdom called England has to begin in Wessex, the last remaining kingdom. Alfred states that the metal will be paid in full. Alfred was afraid of losing Wessex. ("Episode 1.5"), Alfred asks about the men in the camp. And he lastly request that Uhtred serve him. Alfred replies there will be a trial. Still, Æthelhelm argues there is a large risk. NEXT: The Last Kingdom: 5 Times Aethelflaed Saved Uhtred (& 5 Times Uhtred Saved Her), Billy Oduory is an author and editor with a vast experience in creating interesting entertainment reads. This list shows the battles Alfred has participated in: The Last Kingdom Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Alfred now wants for word to be sent that he is king and will fight alongside the sword of Wessex. 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Alfred then instructs Æthelred and Aldhelm to return to Mercia to gather men. He joins Alfred, Ælswith, and Father Pyrlig in the hall. Although, Edward may take a different view. However, Uhtred refuses and leaves. Forgiving Uhtred would have saved Wessex. Killing Father Godwin was an accident that Uhtred didn't deserve to be punished for, and Alfred knew it. Ceolwulf demands swords and the men to carry them. He informs them that the Ubba and the Danes have been defeated. ("Episode 3.3"), Hæsten and Dagfinn arrive in Winchester. Status Ælswith would like for them to take a ship to Frankia, but he doesn’t want to travel with his son in the condition he is in. The matter of Uhtred still concerns her greatly. Died of illness. For all of Alfred's family, see below Born the son of a Saxon nobleman, he is captured by the Danes and raised as one of their own. ("Episode 3.7"), Alfred resumes the Witan and calls Æthelwold forward. Ælswith claims that Æthelwold was rotten from the moment he was born and lacked purpose. He tasks Beocca with looking into possible suitors for Edward. Gender ("Episode 3.9"), Alfred reveals that he had Uhtred’s children brought to Winchester and baptized just to damn him. ("Episode 3.6"), Edward has come to discuss the matter in which he led the Wessex guard into battle against his father’s wishes. Uhtred reminds Alfred of the glory and freedom he has given him. Æthelflæd asks if Uhtred will be coming to the wedding, as she considers him a lucky charm. ("Episode 3.9"), Uhtred awakens Alfred from his sleep and swears that he will remain in Winchester until Edward is crowned king. Wulfhere doesn’t believe it was wise to burn the ships, as the Danes now have no means to leave. While he is willing to pay the wergild as punishment, he can’t swear himself to Edward. Uhtred admits he did so, but the man was guilty. ("Episode 1.6"), Alfred tells Uhtred that today is the feast of Saint Cedd, a man who worked in East Anglia and Mercia and died in Northumbria. He has an eye for the fine interesting details that mainstream media ignores. Edward claims that this isn’t true and wishes to see her, but Ælswith refuses. He did this to preserve the lives of his own men. She feels more content in the church with God than she does with her sword. If saving Guthred would help him get Bebbanburg, the least Alfred could have done was to wish him well. Notice Edward has looked to God and it is before God that he did swear his love for his wife. While he needed Uhtred in Wessex, helping him retake Bebbanburg would have given Wessex one powerful ally in the North. Still, Ælswith sees her nothing more as a pagan witch and wants nothing to do with her. The King returns to the hall and orders Uhtred to be killed. Alfred denies Uhtred's proposal. His cunning nature also caused Godwin's death, which further widened the rift between Alfred and Uhtred. Ælswith swears that Alfred’s soul has not diminished. Edward wishes to attack but Alfred insists that they hold their position. ("Episode 2.7"), King Alfred learns of the brothers’ ransom. Æthelred informs Alfred that his gift of warriors has served Mercia well this winter. He offers Æthelwold his hand and reminds him of all they have built in Wessex. All The Last Kingdom fans are eager to know details of season 5 of the series, but especially about the possible return of actor David Dawson as King Alfred. Alfred instructs the Ealdorman to begin harvesting. For all of Alfred's family, see below The least he could do in return was let Uhtred be a father to his own children. He is also charged with joining forces with Skorpa. He’s come with a letter that tells of a vision and prophecy. King Alfred, Ælswith, Young Odda, Leofric, Mildrith and Beocca watch as the villagers throw spoiled food at Uhtred and Æthelwold while they grovel. Alfred of Wessex was a main character in both The Saxon Stories novel series, and The Last Kingdom television series. Ælswith comes out just as Uhtred walks away with Edward. Nothing has changed since he’s been crowned, as the Danes still rummage the lands. They watch as he accepts the Christian God. She tells him that he will not see another summer but his name will live on as the first, the last and only king of all Saxons. The Last Kingdom Series. I haven't read the books but the series does show: - the region yet to be England isn't united under one king ... A subreddit for "The Last Kingdom," the BBC/Netflix television show set in medieval England. Edward refuses to do either, adding that he also doesn’t wish to become king. Leofric asks to speak. Ælswith then informs Æthelflæd that she is to be married once a suitable match is made. Alfred’s priests have visited the swamplands before to preach as the people of the marshlands are oblivious to God. Ceolwulf suddenly dies right there before them, much to Æthelwold’s amusement. ("Episode 3.4"), Alfred informs Edward that they are to march in less then a week. Out of all the rulers on the show, most fans will agree that Alfred was the best leader. Æthelflæd eavesdrops as they discuss the price of her marriage. 2017-10-08 - This Pin was discovered by Catelyn "Kalla". They do nothing as Uhtred and his men are attacked. The sum of the current debt is 2,000 shillings, which Alfred could have removed but has chosen not to in order to test Uhtred's obedience as an English Ealdorman. ("Episode 1.7"), Alfred, Ælswith, Æthelwold, Young Odda, Brother Asser, and Father Beocca watch as Uhtred and Leofric fight to the death. Abbot Eadred of Cumbraland dreamed of a likeness and it spoke to him. S3 Odda fears that Wessex will not survive the negotiation. Leofric claims that he didn’t follow anyone and that he acted of his own will. Alfred considers their land to be one, but Ceolwulf objects. Alfred is merciful. Last night, a crucial scene took place in the little town where I grew up. To keep Wessex safe, they must look beyond its borders, where Christians suffer under the same rule of the Danes. He looks upon the pages, all the while unaware that Alfred stands hidden in a darkened corner. He informs them that while London has been reclaimed, the brothers abducted Æthelflæd. Before long, they arrive on the other end of the marshlands, where Ælswith waits with baby Edward and Æthelflæd. ("Episode 2.8"), Alfred approaches Uhtred and states that he has a habit of rescuing Wessex. Odda leaves to inform him personally. Æthelhelm then asks if Uhtred is an outlaw, to which both Alfred and Ælswith claim that he is. A compromise is agreed upon and later that night in the English camp, Alfred and his witan begin their long term plan to defeat the Danes in the years ahead. The Saxon Stories tell the tale of Alfred the Great and his descendants through the eyes of Uhtred, an English boy born into the aristocracy of ninth-century Northumbria, captured by the Danes and taught the Viking ways. However, Alfred will not forgive him. He tells Uhtred to go to the courtyard and wait for him to pass judgement. King Alfred was one of the main characters in the first three seasons of The Last Kingdom and he formed an unlikely relationship with Uhtred of Bebbanburg (Alexander Dreymon), who … ("Episode 1.6"), Leofric is introduced as a witness. Should he die, Ælswith tells Alfred that he will never leave her. He drinks it, and she tells him there will be more tomorrow. He is Mercia. ("Episode 2.2"), Hild rides to Winchester and reports to Odda and King Alfred that Uhtred has been taken. And so, the King now intends to devise a plan of attack without Uhtred, which appears to alarm Steapa and Odda, though they don’t make their concerns heard. ("Episode 3.8"), Rather than attending the wedding, Beocca takes Uhtred to meet with Alfred in his Reading Room. He accuses Alfred of deserting Wessex. He then orders Bishop Erkenwald to escort Edward to the nearest monastery. When Beocca traveled to Dunholm, it was Æthelwold who welcomed him. The decision to break up the first marriage effectively put the future of the throne in turmoil. Beocca agrees with Edward in delaying a greater battle. Alfred is Wessex. Mildrith follows him out. Uhtred and Beocca advise Alfred to hide while they assess the area. Yes there were other fantastic leaders who've gone by "The Great", (Alexander, what what? Beocca is taken by surprise though he ensures that Ælswith and Edward remain unharmed. ("Episode 2.1"), Ælswith has come to wish Alfred good night. Alfred also admits that he was wrong in both his provocation and punishment of Uhtred for killing Godwin. Alfred then resumes his prayer. Hair ("Episode 3.1"), They arrive at Fearnham and meet with the Mercian guard, where they join forces and defeat the Danes, forcing Bloodhair to retreat. Without Alfred, there would be no churches or even an idea of an England. He blames himself for not doing more to stop Æthelwold from straying. However, Guthrum has now taken Wareham. Uhtred informs them that London has been taken by Sigefrid and Erik. If Uhtred wishes to remain an Ealdorman, he’ll have to adhere to their laws. He then orders Odda to raise the Somerset fyrd. ("Episode 2.3"), Alfred meets with Ceolwulf. ("Episode 1.7"), Beocca and Wulfhere arrive in the marshes. While his reign was a success, some decisions he made were not worthy of a king. Alfred tells Edward that he will marry Ælflæd. He only cared about his daughter becoming powerful. Others might lay claim to the throne. Ælswith assures him that he’s done as much as he could. While today is about stability, Beocca tells the king that the fear must be dispatched. Not only is he conflicted about his family, but it's clear to all that Edward doesn't even love her. As a mark of goodwill, Alfred raises the bride price by a third, which Æthelhelm accepts. The Vikings conquer York, and other Anglo-Saxon lands are gradually attacked, plundered and ruled by Viking Danes. For all of Alfred's family, see below. Uhtred and Gisela inform him that Æthelwold had been sober for days. Should they find a lord, they’ll become an army. ("Episode 3.3"), Ælswith reluctantly helps Alfred prepare for battle, even as he’s barely able to stand. Alfred, however, throws up on the floor. Uhtred questions what will happen to Odda for raising the fyrd. He intends to march against Beamfleot. Alfred tells Young Odda to exhume the remains and have them buried elsewhere with respect. He tells Uhtred of the importance of the written word not only for documentation but also for legacy. He claims the Danes are waiting for Alfred’s death and the chaos to follow. He then asks about Æthelwold, however, Uhtred claims to have no knowledge of him crossing over into Daneland. The Last Kingdom season three is full of death and destruction. However, if Iseult goes back, she’ll be killed. ("Episode 1.7"), While escaping persecution from the Danes, King Alfred and his family escape to the swampland. Retrieved from "Æthelflæd?oldid=20158 ". But before Uhtred can begin, Alfred informs him that Ivar the Boneless, brother of Ubba, has been killed in Irland and Ubba has deserted Guthrum to avenge him. Yet, he is reliant upon the strength of a heathen. Aethelflaed suffered so much in her arranged marriage to Aethelred but couldn't ask her father for help because it would cause a war between Wessex and Mercia. Uhtred believes God is testing Alfred and encourages him to give Edward to Iseult. People 100 years from now will know nothing of Uhtred, not his loyalty, advice, or bravery. Beocca believes the story of Uhtred murdering his Danish master, and believes that he will be an asset to them. Alfred and Ælswith tells him that they will be cared for. Later, Alfred watches as Æthelwold's eye is burned out. Alfred reveals that his distrust of the Danes stems from their desire for personal gain and pleasure without sacrifice. He eventually styled himself as the "King of the Anglo-Saxons", and is driven by a vision for a united Kingdom of all the English (England). Unbeknownst to them, Alfred watches from the crowd. Æthelflæd is a noble; she was born a princess of Wessex, and then married the Lord of Mercia, and later succeeded him as the Lady of Mercia. ("Episode 3.1"), Hæsten arrives in Winchester and informs them of a Dane warrior named Sigurd, who goes by the name of Bloodhair. He assures them that Uhtred won’t win. By pardoning him, Uhtred can now become Edward’s advisor. Alfred then pardons Uhtred. Alfred would like Uhtred in his service yet again. Alfred lifts his sword and points it towards Uhtred, though he struggles to keep it lifted, as he weakens with every moment. His father died when he was young. The discussion leads to an argument about the gods versus the one true God. The raids haven’t been as frequent. He always answered Alfred's call, helped train his armies, and fought his battles. As David Dawson, who plays Alfred in The Last Kingdom, said in an interview that Alfred saw Uhtred as a man that needed to be controlled (not trusted) so he looked for a way of owning him. Alfred then asks Uhtred why the brothers call him the King of Mercia. Starring: Alexander Dreymon, Emily Cox, David Dawson. Died of illness. Raids from the Danes will not be tolerated. Ælswith refuses her help and tells Iseult to get out of her sight. ), but Alfred had earned this particular title for the might he displayed against Viking invaders after he took the throne in 871 AD. The name Æthelflæd comes from Old English. ("Episode 2.5"), Alfred reads of the raids in Daneland. Alfred denounces Coccham as Uhtred’s estate and wants both children brought to Winchester, where they will receive education and knowledge of God. Uhtred remarks that Alfred looks tired. ("Episode 3.3"), Alfred asks Beocca about Uhtred’s children. He tells Uhtred to leave them. Alfred only tolerated his behavior because he is so accomplished. ("Episode 3.2"), Alfred continues to document his life as king. ("Episode 3.7"), Æthelwold is taken before the Witan. Alfred orders Steapa to put a watch on Gisela until Uhtred’s return. England must emerge and God must be praised. Alfred then tells Pyrlig to write a letter to Æthelred to inform him of the pending battle. Uhtred is surprised that Alfred remembers his wife's name, to which Alfred replies that he will always remember her. Edward doesn’t wish to be king, but neither did Alfred. Alfred grants Leofric’s request. He didn't express any concern for her well-being and definitely failed to scrutinize Aethelred, who was revealed to be a chauvinist that enjoyed torturing women. He is growing Wessex and expanding England in the name of God. Until then, they will hold the peace. Should the ransom be too great, Æthelflæd should be encouraged to take her own life for the greater good of the kingdom. ("Episode 1.7"), Uhtred follows Alfred into the tall grass. He fears such action would be sinful. There are two Northmen, Sigefrid and Erik, two Godless brothers with a voracious appetite for land, silver, slaves and war. He is God’s king. Besides, Uhtred has saved Alfred's children more times than he could count. Beocca retorts that God will never allow that to happen and that they will triumph. She then asks who is Æthelred. Ælswith tells him that this interruption can’t go unpunished. Wessex is saved. Alfred didn't see sense in it and forced Uhtred into servitude to the crown, instead, making him the poor lord of Coccham. For Ragnar fulfilling his task, Alfred would like to free both him and Brida. Uhtred had a hard time converting to Christianity because Ragnar, a Dane, brought him up. Uhtred then exits with Alfred as his hostage. Uhtred realizes that he has not been credited for his actions against Ubba and bursts into the prayer hall to confront Alfred. Amongst the Wessex hostages are Father Selbix, who has been instructed to convert Guthrum to Christianity, and Uhtred, who has been instructed to escape and light beacon signals should word of Ubba's return be heard. They will join him at the Burh of Aescengum. Alfred explains that Ælswith is simply upset that he’s dying.

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