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The University of Freiburg was among the winners of the nationwide “Excellent Teaching” competition in 2009; More than 160 fields of study attract a total of around 21,000 students to Freiburg, including many international students and junior researchers; International students comprise of 14.6 % of the total student population Check course duration, tuition fees per year, and admission requirements & … Business Administration (Public and Non-Profit Management) Betriebswirtschaftslehre (Public and Non-Profit Management) Bachelor's. FREIBURG Contracting & General Maintenance, LLC . Subject area: economy and administration. Freiburg devised a traffic management plan and cycle path network in 1969. Freiburg, Germany. Kind of … Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. Freiburg, a city of about 220,000 people and 155 km 2, is already known as an eco-city with the Green Party having the strongest presence there of anywhere in the country. Full Professor in Public and Non-Profit Management with an Emphasis in Corporate Governance and Ethics (W 3) are invited by the Department of Economics and Behavioral Sciences at the University of Freiburg. It encourages environmentally friendly transport such as cycling, walking and public transports. Freiburg is one of the UAE’s leading professional multidisciplinary companies in general Contracting and MEP providing a wide range of services to both private and public sector Clients. In particular, management of non-profit organisations and sustainability and European and Global Business are unique areas of specialisation offered by the Faculty of Management, Economics and Social Sciences in Fribourg. Business Administration (Public and Non-Profit-Management) Master of Science (M.Sc.) Course catalogue; Student administration… The position is available as of now. Freiburg is a quality assured company (ISO Certified) driven by the concept of excellence. Rate your chances of admission in Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg Master of Science BWL (Public and Non-Profit Management) program and download course brochure. ... Sedanstraße 6 79098 Freiburg Map Accessibility Stairlift up to 225 kg. Study Master of Science BWL (Public and Non-Profit Management) in University of Freiburg,Germany. It's not surprising to learn that Vauban is the greenest area of the greenest city, Freiburg, in the greenest province, Baden-Württemberg, in Germany. Freiburg. Master of Science BWL (Public and Non-Profit Management) from Economics Institute fees, admission, eligibility, application, scholarships & ranking. Rauskala, Iris; Saliterer, Iris (2015): Public Sector Accounting and Auditing in Austria. The Challenge of Harmonization. Common searches. Qualification: BSc. C. Catholic Theology Master of Education (M.Ed.) In: Isabel Brusca, Eugenio Caperchione, Sandra Cohen und Francesca Manes Rossi (Hg. Public Sector Economics (4 ECTS) Management (4 ECTS) Regulation and Competition Policy (4 ECTS) 30 3 (WiSe) Public and Non-Profit Accounting and Financial Management (6 ECTS) 30 4 (SoSe) Master- Arbeit (30 ECTS, 6 Monate) 30 ECTS-Punkte 30 30 30 120 1 … ): Public Sector Accounting and Auditing in Europe. The plan is updated every 10 years. Language: German. London: Palgrave Macmillan UK (Governance and Public Management), S. 12–26.

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