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Unique Die Antwoord Posters designed and sold by artists. Yolandi, although she has brought just as much to the creative process for all of the projects she’s collaborated with Ninja on, has frequently been relegated to supporting character roles. For help or information regarding mental health, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or Beyond Blue on 1300 224 636. She accuses Zheani of “clout chasing”: of fabricating a story in order to ride on Die Antwoord’s coattails to promote her new album. Privilege hurts people. Watch Queue Queue. Anyway the tour ended and the last time i saw this girl she brought me a vegan burger in my hotel room. Die Antwoord set out to release five albums, and it has to stop there. Yolandi had a rough childhood and she was put up for adoption. There's no more content to load. After releasing “The Question”, Zheani has faced a cease-and-desist notice, from which she is not backing down. This brings me to Ninja. It might look like perpetuating the very abuse that they themselves have been subjected to. A man about fifteen years my senior began a relationship with a friend of mine; he had three other women living with him like wives, whom he referred to as “the girls”. And our societies celebrate when people abuse that power. Even when partners of people who perpetrate abuse are implicated in that abuse, we must wonder whether or not they themselves are being abused. (The duo have since employed an attorney. Abuse doesn’t have to be immediately realized for it to have taken place. Home; Diary; Music; Videos; Live; Shop | Home; Diary; Music; Videos; Live; Shop | Thus, so many rapes end in one satisfied person and one traumatized one, with the satisfied party sometimes never realizing that what they did was wrong. Complete discography, ratings, reviews and more. How do we prevent people in power from hurting us? As long as power disparities and imbalances exist, there will always be a risk of trauma. We must remind them time and time again that there is only one reason to sleep with someone: because you actively, genuinely, and passionately want to. Abusive undertones were prevalent throughout my short-lived friendship with the man. “She also said I tortured her and put her in a satanic ritual,” Yolandi continues. Admitting to yourself that abuse took place is both the first step toward recovering from abuse, and sometimes the longest and hardest step. Die Antwoord’s message is not about tearing down structures, or fighting oppression or sketching a picture of the world today. Consent, seemingly willful, can be given under pressure, out of fear, out of coercion, because somebody is rich or powerful or famous, or we’re scared to hurt them (and what they’ll do “in defense”), or simply because we don’t know how to say “No” even when we want to. Yes our music and videos are crazy as we are Surreal Artists).”. In the clip, Zheani also claims that Die Antwoord have sent her a cease and desist letter, threatening to sue for defamation over her claims. CONTENT WARNING: The following article discusses allegations of abuse. You can read Yolandi’s statements in full, and watch the video for Zheani’s ‘The Question’ below. The optics of their dynamic have seemed very questionable to me. “(Just for the record me and ninja are Buddhists, we practise yoga, meditate and are vegetarian. And that shouldn’t be the point of identifying rape. Most of us aren’t trained in what consent looks like. The man of the hour. Hier is die antwoord: Red jou kind se wiskunde so. I bumped into Ninja and this girl and she asked me for a foto. See how ridiculous this sounds now? Beyond an apparent unwillingness to acknowledge their contribution to modern-day South African racism (or apparently its existence at all), other questionable behaviors have surfaced throughout the decade-and-a-half that Ninja and Yolandi have collaborated. This is often magnified by the fact that consent is not black-and-white. The difference between a covert rape and an overt rape is often whether or not the survivor has stood up for themselves, and when they are retaliated against or outright ignored. If you need assistance, 1800 RESPECT – the National Sexual Assault, Domestic and Family Violence Counselling Service — can be reached on 1800 737 732. A year or so later (cant remember exact dates) we played at the Big Day out Festival in Australia. 1-N¥ ️ Why do you like Die Antwoord? Soon there will be an even bigger stigma against people who use institutional power for sexual self-interest, than the current stigma against those who dare hold the powerful accountable for treating others properly. She has been harassed by countless Die Antwoord fans, either for outright not believing her or just for being mad to pull the veil off of a favorite music group. One quote from an Eswatini-based music journalist, who had lived in South Africa for several years, on Ninja’s predatory behavior: … Watkin Tudor Jones is not only a real jerk, he’s a full-on hostile sexual predator who thinks he can get away with it because he’s “famous” and “in character”. We respect that, in our cars, we can hurt people badly without meaning to — and so we are instructed to pull over during auto accidents, and make sure that all the people and property involved are cared for appropriately. We settle on a job, a partner, and a home, because our options are limited to us. from the 90's) by imitating them and giving them a zef revamp. DIE ANTWOORD LIVE!The Music,The Visuals, The Brilliant singing and dancing of Ninja and Yolandi and their dancers,,and their Amazing DJ,, Absolutely Brilliant Absolutely Entertaining!The Music The Rhythms, So Amazing! People now identify that men can be raped as well. Were they there? The five of them were involved in a cult similar to Adidam, a small neo-religious movement, a sort of Western appropriation of Hinduism led by a man who, before his death, had been accused of physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by followers. I later left the state. Meanwhile, ‘The Question’ doesn’t only take aim at Die Antwoord member Ninja. About a year later, his most recent partner contacted me to apologize and explain that she’d left the relationship, that “Da” had forbidden her from contacting me, that he had become extremely controlling, and that I’d been right. Die Antwoord has been millions of fans’ #YourFaveIsProblematic problematic fave for nearly a decade, by this point. We follow “innocent until proven guilty”, for crimes in which guilt is impossible to prove. A bigger question asked: why is Yolandi not jumping to support another woman? Twitter. I said good bye, gave her a a hug and I never heard from her again. For the band, du Toit goes by the stage name ¥o-Landi Vi$$er. As you can imagine it was a lil awkward cos our break up was still kinda fresh. “It has come to my attention that a DA fan girl called ZHEANI has accused me of some really horrible things. While none of these practices directly relate to allegations of sexual assault, they are important examples of the lack of social accountability by which Die Antwoord have used their celebrity and privilege. The album is reminiscent of the empowered post-Crystal Castles sound that Alice Glass has found over the last few years in her solo career. I say this for two reasons: musical, and personal. We would probably never be believed now. We have seen this before with bandmates, romantic partners, and family members of abusive people. Starting now, we need to be prepared to change what it means to have power. Obviously: powerful people understand, clearly, that they are powerful — then they use that power to obfuscate taking responsibility for wrongdoing. Most women are terrified to reject men, and men give us lots of good reason to be. The songs, the videos, the art— they made me smile again at times i never thought i'd be happy again and i'm so grateful for that. I can see through you people and I am no longer afraid of you. He is a well-educated white man in post-apartheid South Africa. The Die Antwoord community and music fans at large can, must, be better than this. WB Everything about Die Antwoord radiates some type of ‘out of this world’ kinda energy that lures you in. As leerders laataand nog wiskunde probeer uitpluis en ouers probeer verduidelik, is die stryd lankal verlore. Kamikaze isn’t the first time Eminem and the duo have had beef – this dates back to his 2017 album Revival. She accepted the invite and came to visit shortly after. Cars kill people. Deur Digitale Span 01 Junie 2017 Facebook. We seize licenses from people determined to drive badly, and do everything we can to ensure that those who do drive, do so safely. “Go Fuck yourself Yolandi,” Zheani raps. As South African media ambassadors to the West, they have come under fire for wearing blackface in multiple music videos, and appropriating cultural staples of South African ethnic groups for entertainment and profit. 'Baby's On Fire' music video by Die Antwoord. But when we were backstage i did notice she was trying very hard to hit on 2CHAINZ the rapper who was touring with us. Always. When trauma is happening to us, we may not realize it, because those around us have normalized it. The Die Antwoord community and music fans at large can, ... Zheani is a musician and artist and semi-well-known in an Internet kind of way. Power hurts people. Yolandi was born on December 1st1984 in Port Alfred in South Africa. Ninja told me aside that after meeting her in person, he didnt really have chemistry with her. In cases where rape is overt — a weapon is brandished, force is used, the survivor was unconscious or underage, and so on — the optics are clearer. We must consider the vantage point from which Yolandi is operating. Emotional trauma can, unfortunately, not be proven. And why would anyone believe us? Skip to content. In short: In Die Antwoord’s Pitbull Terriervideo, Ninja represents mankind’s ani… We prop up an elite class of people who have more choices, and less responsibility, because we someday long to join their ranks. What if we celebrated car crashes the exact same way we celebrate powerful men abusing and fucking up our society? This should begin in childhood, and into adolescence in comprehensive sexual education. Email. - And finally, they kind of poke fun at stereotypes in American hip hop culture (esp. We must explain to young people — boys in particular — that people may feel pressured to sleep with others based on their social status, to make them happy, or because we’re scared they’ll hurt us, and that this leads to significant psychological trauma. Can we, even? Zheani hit us up and asked us if she could help us get Vegan food on tour. Thus, we make them safer. Die Antwoord, an alternative hip hop group formed in South Africa, really love vegan food. These policies completely overlook the fact that rape is one crime in which the perpetrator can legitimately believe they’ve done nothing wrong, yet the survivor is left completely traumatized. Power hurts people, perhaps in ways we don’t intend for as individuals. From fashion campaigns with Alexander Wang to appearing in the upcoming film Chappie by director Neill Blomkamp ( District 9 ), Die Antwoord’s visual side is just as crazy as their music. Affiliate Disclosure: Evolve Media LLC, and its owned and operated websites may receive a small commission from the proceeds of any product(s) sold through affiliate and direct partner links. The newish "Zef" genre is definitely obnoxious by many ways, maybe that's one of its characteristics, but it really helps it to have mediocre The newish "Zef" genre is definitely obnoxious by many ways, maybe that's one of its characteristics, but it really helps it to have mediocre ratings. Die Antwoord is made up of two 'rappers', Ninja and Yolanda, and a producer, DJ Hi-Tek. MaxNormal.TV was also the project the duo worked on shortly after the birth of their daughter, Sixteen: an era in which Yolandi has described herself feeling “very isolated”. “I wanted to draw the line and finally speak the truth and stand up for myself. Die Antwoord contact information is available for you to look at. Abuse propagates itself like a virus, infecting those who are subjected to it and, often, spread by those same victims. So watch me set myself on fire.”. In cases where someone has abused their power in order to fulfill a personal set of sexual fantasies, we must not glorify this behavior, assume survivors are lying, or dismiss it as simply what happens when a young woman meets a celebrity. Yet traditionally, we follow a judicial protocol when analyzing sexual assault cases, rather than a psychological or sociological.

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