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In his camp, she found a note on Echion, the Ancient who hired Hylas. As they discussed their plan to recover Orontas ships, guards of the Ancients arrived. [148] Later, Kassandra found another letter from Aiantides who wanted to pay his debt to the misthios as she had saved his brother at the farm during the ceremony led by the Conspirator. As they met Natakas, he informed them that the Ancients captured civilians and imprisoned them in the Teichos of Herakles. After she defeated him, she learnt that this was the Spartan Archon of Arkadia, Lagos, who had placed the bounty on the heads of her and her mother. Subsequently, after Kassandra recovered the item, Elpenor hired her to assassinate a Spartan general nicknamed the Wolf in Megaris. Entering Perikles' Residence, she met Phoibe, who had left Kephallonia, working now for Aspasia, Perikles' lover. [121] Arriving on Lemnos, Kassandra was contacted by Mikkos, the caretaker of Barnabas' nephew Neleus. As the two men left, Natakas told her to join them to their hideout below the Rock Arch. She killed Phratagounè who kept the beasts of the Huntsman. She explained that she lost control of the Cult over Deimos and that she was against the goals of the other members as the War began to be out of control. [120] On Chios, Kassandra was hired by the merchant Thais to kill Kodros, the corrupt leader of the Petrified Islands. [67], Escorting Tesikles on the Adrestia from Sparta to Kyllene, Kassandra accidentally made the champion fall into the sea to be eaten by a shark. After plying him with wine, she discovered that the woman went to Asklepios Temple in Argolis to save her son. Coming across Markos in his new vineyard, Kassandra expressed her disbelief at his purchase of the vineyard even though he still owed her drachmae. Kassandra understood that Timosa was the one who did that as she was a Hunter. After taking care of them, Phoibe stopped by, telling her that Markos requested to meet her at his newly-bought vineyard. As Aspasia wanted to create this new republic, she asked Kassandra to join her. But the Chief Creative officer then stepped in and claimed that players don't buy games with female leads. When she met Kassandra, she understood she could end the Cult. [78] She discovered that the champion Deianeira was a Cultist, so she killed her[79] and her cousin Astra to avenge the death of Timon's brother Abreas. RELATED: 10 Hidden Areas You Didn't Know Existed In Assassin's Creed Odyssey. When she returned to Aspasia, Perikles' lover tasked her to find Phoibe who was missing after she sent her to find a ferry. [42] She escorted the doctor of the fort to Hippokrates as he had read the notes. Once Duris had been dealt with, Kassandra returned to Markos at the Temple of Zeus, speaking to one of Cyclops' thugs. [63] After that she sank the Amber Dawn, Silanos' ship, killing him in the process and assuring the victory of the Spartans. [155], During her hunt, Kassandra tracked the Ancient know as the Broker. Kassandra accepted to help her father in his quest. [49][50] Kassandra also burnt one of the Monger warehouse to stop his smuggling but was trapped by the guards. Choosing between Alexios or Kassandra … ... Start Fresh with Kassandra … Later, Kassandra met again in Darius' hideout where she saw the old man and his son prepared their leaving as they knew that Amorges will track them after the death of Pactyas. As she asked her information, the pirate demanded a payment. She discovered that Leiandros disguised himself as the creature to scare the tourists but that it was forced lately by the Cult to doing as his daughter Amara was kidnapped. He finished saying that the world needed her and she saw a last vision from a distant future of her passing the Staff to another woman. A one-stop shop for all things video games. As she confronted her brother, the duel was short as Alexios was hit in the back by an arrow shot by Kleon who targeted Kassandra. When she activated its, the records of the Isu were hacked by the Isu Aletheia who spoke about the First Civilization, the Olympos Project, the Human-Isu War and the Great Catastrophe. When it was Kassandra's turn, the two saw memories of their childhood. Their child, Elpidios, is a part of the franchise's deep ancestral family tree. Using her spear, she opened the gate and explored the underground of the island. [74], In Arkadia, Kassandra was attacked by the misthios Sosipatros who was after a bounty on her head. Here are some things that fans need to know about her. Kassandra has become a fan-favorite character in the Assassin's Creed series. Pythagoras gave her the half of a medallion of the Isu and advised her to go to Boeotia to meet his ally Gorgias. She infiltrated Olynthos Fortress and discovered an encoded note of the Conspirator which prepared a meeting near the farms the night. [106], On Lesbos island, Kassandra witnessed a woman named Bryce cornered by an angry mob who accused her of making a sacrifice for the Writhing Dread. Kassandra was able to sleep with a range of characters of different genders, and it was up to the player which ones she bedded. As he wanted to quit the Cult, the Swordfish attacked Kassandra but he was killed. He was in the Sanctuary speaking directly to her. Died Assured that Phoibe was alright, Kassandra then traveled to Sami to locate Duris and collect her debt. [90], In Summer 422 BCE, during the Battle of Amphipolis, Kassandra saw Brasidas being killed by Deimos. [5] As Naxos and Paros were at war, Kassandra helped her mother to defend the island and weaken the power of Silanos, Paros' obligarch. Perikles, the Athenian leader, said she must help him with three tasks to be allowed into the Symposium. See more ideas about assassins creed odyssey, assassins creed, assassin’s creed. [44] Going to interrogate Mydon, Kassandra surprised him with his lover and slave. [94] The Athenian general and politician Nicias, who was a member of the Circle, engaged with Sparta for the proposal of a peace. To find the traitor, he tested the members with the Pyramid: his hand on one face, the accused's on another. Answering the three riddles and activating the corresponding symbols, a flash a light killed the Sphinx. She was actually a Hybrid, which is someone who partially descends from the powerful species known as the Isu. [29], The sculptor Phidias was targeted by the Cult of Kosmos and Perikles wanted him out of Athens for Phidias' safety. Romance has always been a part of the Assassin's Creed series. When she spoke to the Pythia, Kassandra discovered that the oracle was under the control of the Cult of Kosmos, who forced her to tell the prophecies they wanted. [83], When Kassandra and her mother entered their house, Brasidas came to ask help from the misthios to prepare an attack against the Athenians in Pylos as they were rumors that Deimos was on their side. [141], Natakas sent Kasandra to find one of his informants in the Swamps of Thermes. [27], With the mask and the robe, Kassandra went to the meeting of the Cult in the Sanctuary of Kosmos. Going to Mount Taygetos where it all begun, they saw Alexios near the cliff. Kassandra As Barnabas supposed he was poisoned, Kassandra investigated the case. Assassin's Creed Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. [26] Finding his hideout she fought and killed him. They gave her equipment and together went to Perikles' Residence. Originally, Kassandra wasn't simply going to be Odyssey's canon hero but its only hero. After bidding farewell to Markos and Phoibe, who gave her Chara her wooden eagle, Kassandra informed Barnabas of her contract and was surprised to learn that the Wolf was none other than her father, Nikolaos. As she searched for other hostages, she was taken by surprise by a soldier but was saved by a persian archer. In a typical Assassin Creed game, the protagonist either starts as an Assassin or becomes one during the story. After that she was confronted by a masked man and Persian soldiers. [151], With the note of the Cult, Kassandra collected other pieces of information on the Tempest, learning she kidnapped the civilians of Boura and prepared a weapon for her ship. While trying to become the new champion of Pephka Arena, she dueled and killed Belos, the Beast of Sparta. [47] As Kassandra made a great service for Sparta in addition to accomplish the Kings' quests, Archidamos granted Kassandra and Myrrine to live in their house. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. For two thousand years Kassandra has overseen balance in the world, keeping powerful artifacts out of the hands of the corrupt. Biography. I also enjoy playing as a female Assassin, something we haven't had a ton of chances to do in this franchise. Kassandra met a lot of people throughout her adventure, but her most loyal friend was Ikaros. Kassandra then located the Sage Iokaste on Chios. He has a degree in Film and Television studies and is now a freelance writer. This guide to Assassin's Creed Odyssey romance will show you all the people you can sleep with in the game. You can help the Assassin's Creed Wiki by uploading better images on this page. [114], During her journey, Kassandra sought to kill every members of the Cult to find their leader, the Ghost. She tracked Akantha and killed her. In his affairs, she found a letter of the Ghost which explained that it wanted to create a new era. Kassandra tried to tell him the truth but his indoctrination by the Cult was too strong and he left his sister with a threat to stay out of his way. She explained to Kassandra that she was angered that the Order hired mercenaries who patrolled around her drinking spot. Following that, Kassandra decided to leave Athens with Aspasia. As Natakas wanted to help the people of Achaia, Darius accepted to fight the Ancients which could permit them to leave the Greek world. After her trials through Atlantis and under the guidance of Poseiden and fully awakening the Isu's sixth sense of Knowledge within her does Kassandra come to control the staff and realize that is actually is far more destructive then it appears, having the power to destroy entire cities if she wanted to, which she displays by destroying Atlantis after learning how horribly the Isu treat humans. Kassandra fought the giant and killed him. [34] After giving some oil to Alkibiades, he advised Kassandra to search for the Spartan woman in Korinth and speak with the influential hetaera Anthousa. She also met Phidias who was target by the Cult. [68] Arriving in the Sanctuary of Olympia, Kassandra participated in the rituals of Olympic Games with Barnabas. On the Adrestia, Kassandra spoke to Aspasia about the clues she found on her mother. She also killed Hylas who stole the secret stash of the Magistrate. After that, Hippokrates told her that when he was younger, he saw a Spartan woman who went to the Asklepios Temple to save her wounded son. When they were before the Writhing Dread, Bryce was petrified by the monster. Later, she met the man who saved her, Natakas, and helped him to save other villagers. It was cool to see a major franchise include some LGBTQA+ scenes. Myrrine wanted him dead while Brasidas suspected that the Cult had forced Lagos' hand. Kassandra aiming her bow with a fire arrow. As the priestess of Hera kidnapped another baby, Kassandra confronted her. After that, the Monger's remains were then displayed publicly by Kassandra and Anthousa at the theater against Brasidas' wishes. Joining her mother and Brasidas, Kassandra understood that Lagos was a member of the Cult. [35], Conversing with other guests, Kassandra met Aspasia. Kassandra ( Κασσανδρα ), also known as the Misthios (English: Mercenary ), the Eagle-Bearer, the Child of Zeus or West Wind , is the main protagonist in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. [54], Returning in Athens during the Autumn 429 BCE, Kassandra witnessed the city being struck by the plague. [132], During her odyssey, Kassandra received a letter inviting her to go to Potidaia in Makedonia as a huge force attacked civilians. As she inspected the body, she was attacked by an old hooded man with a strange blade. Later that night, Kassandra left the party after saying goodbye to Phoibe. Mourning her friend, Kassandra placed Chara in Phoibe's hands. 'Sticking to canon' became another reason for players to select Kassandra as their protagonist. Kassandra was condemned as a traitor to Sparta by the ephors, who urged Nikolaos to execute her immediately. [76] She killed Drakon[77] and Nesaia. She discovered that their Sage was Exekias the Legend, the best misthios in Greece. 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She found a letter from the Ghost of Kosmos, the leader of the Cult, saying they planned to trick the misthios to believe that Archidamos was the Sage of the Peloponnesian League and ask to Pausanias to unite the Greek poleis under its command. While Kassandra may have looked like a regular human-being - with an added bit of muscle mass - that wasn't entirely the case. As Kleon was the new ruler of the city and ordered that no one leave the city, Kassandra fought her way to the Port of Piraeus. As Kassandra wanted to see the Kings, Brasidas advised her to deal with the Helots revolt in Sparta to be sure that the rulers will listen to her. Together, Darius and Kassandra searched Natakas and killed guards who tried to kill them. When she recovered the key, she discovered that was another medallion key. Her name could also be a reference to the Trojan princess who was given the power of foresight by Apollo, but when she rejected him, he cursed these visions so that they would come true, but she wouldn't be believed (this is known as the "Cassandra metaphor", in which a figure with knowledge of the truth and/or upcoming disasters is ignored). Yet, that's not what happened in the book. Her lineage explains why the character was much stronger than the average person. [73] Phidias told her to find the others on three other statues in Kythera Island, Samos, and Thasos. … She defeated them and met Barnabas and Sokrates who broke into the prison to save her. On a shipwreck, she found on a corpse a manifest indicating that the Broker was Sophos, a wealthy shipwright of Patrai who funded the Ancients. While she discussed with her brother, Kleon entered and revealed he was the Sage of the Delian League and ordered the murder of Perikles. Searching him, Kassandra found Pibos dead, devoured by a lion. videogame_asset My games. Chrysis proposed Kassandra join her family but she refused. She killed him and collected more information on the Sage of the Peloponnesian League. [22] After defeating the Athenian army, Kassandra became know as the "misthios with the broken spear". Kassandra killed Okytos in Attika. [32], After accomplishing her missions, Kassandra was accepted to participate in Perikles' symposium. Political information Kassandra hunted a boar with Natakas and discovered more on his family, that was killed by the Order. [52], Arriving on Keos, Kassandra infiltrated the Temple of Athena Nedousia the headquarters of Xenia the queen of pirates, who control the island. [33] Speaking to Sophokles, Kassandra learnt that Euripides had heard about a Spartan woman who might have been Myrrine. He was a master of… Arriving there, she witnessed the village burning by Spartan soldiers who took the villagers hostage. Neither was the case for Kassandra as her adventure predated both the Assassin Brotherhood and its precursor group, the Hidden Ones. He agreed the Monger had to be killed, but stealthily. He accused her to have killed Nikolaos and was angry that the Kings sent her to help him. After the death of the king, Amorges and Pactyas though that allying with the Ancients could bring peace in Persia while Artabanus decided to kill the young king Artaxerxes I of Persia as he was a puppet of the Ancients. Mercenary … [62] As the fleet of Paros had blockaded the harbor of Naxos, Kassandra destroyed the fleet with the Adrestia. What's more, she was a breath of fresh air for a series that has historically revolved around male heroes. [125] She located him and sank his ship the Kronos. During the naval battle for the conquest of the Obsidian Islands, Kassandra attacked the Eos, the ship of the Cultist Sokos, and destroyed it. When they entered in the temple, they saw Deimos killed Perikles. He told Kassandra to speak to Hippokrates in Argos to learn more information. The boy showed to Kassandra the entrance under the palace. She provided the voice for the character Kassandra in Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. Via the note correspondence, she discovered that the Ghost used religion to manipulate the Greek population. RELATED: Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Kassandra's 5 Best (& 5 Worst) Outfits, Ranked. [21], Kassandra and Barnabas before the Adrestia, Requiring a ship to reach Megaris, Kassandra learned from the shipmaster Telemenes that the Cyclops had a ship and had returned to Kephallonia. Upon returning to Markos, he insisted she hold onto the eye before telling her that a group of bandits had arrived on Kephallonia. On the note they discovered a riddle that led to Temple of Zeus in Olympia. Chrysis explained that she rose Alexios as her son and tortured him into becoming the weapon of the Cult. Upon their arrival, they found that they were more than welcome in the city, and everyone was willing to listen to them. During her journey through Elysium, Kassandra learned to tap deeper into the spear's power, able to enhance several of her abilities to the level of an Isu as well as briefly summon the Full Power of the Spear of Leonidas. Arriving in Naxos, her mother decided to return in Lakonia and fought the Cult. If she answered wrongly, she will die as Gorgias. The population was tired of Perikles' strategy to wait behind the walls of the city until the enemies left. After killing the monster, she broke one of his horns which transformed into the spherical artifact like the ones before it. In the game, their … Unfortunately, when it comes to these player-driven moments, the book is usually considered canon. [47], In 427 BCE, Kassandra arrived in the Spartan Military Camp in Boeotia to help their general but she discovered that it was Stentor. [82] In Summer 425 BCE, the two armies battled for supremacy. Another letter led Kassandra to his next target, Augos, who monitored Darius and Natakas. She killed the soldiers but the masked man escaped. Inside, she found a mold corresponding to the spear and using the shard she took from the Pyramid, she upgraded the weapon. [119] That night the island celebrated their liberation, Kyra also gave her father a proper send-off. On Kythera, Kassandra was contacted by Diona who told her that the Cult wanted to take over the Island. Searching him in the fog, Kassandra found the child who was afraid that she killed him. He revealed to her what happened in the Labyrinth and that Nikios was dead. In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, you can choose to play either Alexios (a man) or Kassandra (a woman), two siblings separated from their Spartan parents during childhood. When Kassandra collected the money, Xenia revealed that Myrrine worked for her as a pirate for a time and renamed herself Phoenix. [6], Kassandra given the Spear of Leonidas by her mother, Owing to her lineage as being a granddaughter of Leonidas, great hopes were placed upon her to live up to the strength and valor of Leonidas. She later opposed the Order of the Ancients, who sought to hunt her down, due in part to her nature as a Tainted One, and also for her allying herself with Darius. As Kassandra wanted information about her mother, Herodotus told her she should go to Perikles' symposium to gather information on Myrrine's whereabouts. She infiltrated the fortress and killed him. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [66] During her time in Sparta, Kassandra met the General Lysander who tasked her to find Polemarch seals from Athens. As they were afraid of the creatures, they fled but left Nikios behind. [131], With all these clues and only the Ghost remaining, Kassandra returned to the Sanctuary of Kosmos to confront the Ghost. He explained that the Cult of Kosmos was once a part of the Cult of Hermes, which worshipped the balance between Order and Chaos, but that the members of Kosmos began to prefer Chaos and used it to have control over Greece. In Athens, Kassandra assassinated her. NEXT: 5 Lines In Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Kassandra Delivered Best (And Five from Alexios). [91], Returning in Sparta, Kassandra told to her mother what happened in Amphipolis and the undetermined fate of Alexios. How the two partners first met is unclear. Trained from a young age to fight as a Spartan, Kassandra was a highly skilled warrior capable of defeating multiple opponents simultaneously. Kassandra followed his instructions and collected the reward. Kassandra also possesed a scar on her right upper lip, and heavy scarring down her arm from falling from Mount Taygetos as a child. A few years after the gathering in the villa, Pythagoras, Kyros and several servants travelled to Croton, a city that was well known for its intelligent citizens. [17], Before Kassandra could depart, she and Markos were stopped by Euterpe, a farmer who informed them that Phoibe had been kidnapped by the Cyclops' thugs and was being held at Ktimene Beach. [111] After that, Kassandra met a woman who claimed to have created an elixir to reverse the effect of petrifaction, however, it was a lie. With the staff, she no longer required food or water as the staff sustained her needs. One of the best things that could happen was Kassandra reconciling with Alexios, aka Deimos. Ayyyy, the whole crew turns up in this Assassin’s Creed Odyssey ending. Kassandra has become a fan-favorite character in the Assassin's Creed series. As Hippokrates tried to save the sicks, she helped him to burn the bodies of the dead as the Followers of Ares impeached that, seeing this practice as sacrilegious. The only reason that her relationship with Natakas has to be considered canon is because of the baby they had together.

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