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1 in bold, as of week of February 10, 2020,, Articles containing potentially dated statements from February 2020, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License. 1 Rafael Nadal is a contender to be nominated for the Laureus World Comeback of the Year Award."[172]. [199] Seiven o thir aicht appearances hae been at quarterfeenal an semifeenal level, makin the rivalry an important pairt o baith men's careers. [241], In Februar 2010, Rafael Nadal wis featurt in the muisic video o Shakira's "Gypsy". Mery Perello, fiancée de Rafael Nadal, lors d'une rencontre avec le roi Juan Carlos Ier et la reine Sofia d'Espagne à Majorque le 26 juillet 2019. Sebastián Nadal, père de Rafael Nadal, lors d'une rencontre avec le roi Juan Carlos Ier et la reine Sofia d'Espagne à Majorque le 26 juillet 2019. Nadal ended his tennis saison wi the Mubadala World Tennis Championship, an exhibeetion tournament nae affiliatit wi the ATP. At the 2012 French Open, Nadal dropped anly 30 gemmes against his first five opponents, wioot losin a set. He lost tae Roger Federer in the feenal. [107][108] Bi this win, Nadal acame the first man tae win the three Masters series on clay an the French Open. [218] Nadal himsel haes admittit tae the physical toll haurd courts place on ATP Tour players, calling for a reevaluatit tour schedule featurin fewer haurd court tournaments. 日本語 : ラファエル・ナダル(Rafael Nadal Parera, 1986年 6月3日 - )は、スペイン・マヨルカ島出身の男子プロテニス選手。 2005年から2008年の全仏オープン男子シングルスで大会4連覇を達成し、2008年北京五輪の男子シングルス金メダルも獲得した。 左利き(本来は右利きであるが、幼少 … 4. "[250], The creation o the Fundación Rafa Nadal teuk place in November 2007, an its offeecial presentation wis in Februar 2008, at the Manacor Tennis Club in Mallorca, Spain. 1 an No. 2 spot with victory", "Rafael Nadal wins Abu Dhabi exhibition title", "Ljubicic Shows Heart in semi-final Win Over Nadal", "Lopez/Nadal Upset Top Seeds To Take Doubles Title", "Emirates ATP Doubles Ranking on 22.03.2010", "Tennis – ATP World Tour – Tennis Players – Rafael Nadal", "Unstoppable Nadal Captures Sixth Straight Title", "Soderling Stuns Federer For Semi-final Berth; Battle For No. [154] Nadal anly lost a tot o three sets in the 2012 clay court saison. [42] Later that year, Nadal played his first match against warld No. Nadal shares third place wi Björn Borg an Manuel Orantes in the leet o players wi the maist teetles on clay. Nadal broke Mats Wilander's previous teenage record o nine in 1983. 1", "Nadal Reclaims No. Rafael Nadal d amyurar n waddal n Tennis di tmurt n Spanya, ilul-d ass n 3 Yunyu 1986 deg temdint n Manacor. Nadal's rackets are ayeweys strung at 55 lb (25 kg), regairdless o which surface or conditions he is playin on. Nadal then played Federer in the feenal o Wimbledon for the third consecutive year, in the maist anticipatit match o thair rivalry. Immediately efter Wimbledon, Nadal won 16 consecutive matches an three consecutive tournaments, bringin his ranking tae warld No. He eventually won it the first fower times he played at Roland Garros. Nadal reached the semifeenals in singles at the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells, whaur he wis the defendin champion; houiver, eventual champion Ivan Ljubičić defeatit him in three sets. In the fowert roond, he defeatit Alexandr Dolgopolov. This run came tae an end on 31 Mey 2009, whan Nadal lost tae eventual runner-up, Robin Söderling in the 4t roond. [113] The win an aa gae Nadal his first "Old World Triple"; the last person tae achieve this wis Björn Borg in 1978 ("Old World Triple" is a term gien tae winning the Italian Open, French Open, an Wimbledon in the same year). He first ascended into the top-10 on April 25, 2005 … Nadal finished the year as No. [29] On 8 Juin 2014, Nadal defeatit Novak Djokovic in the Men's Singles French Open final tae win his 9t French Open teetle an a 5t straicht win at Roland Garros. Playin in his first tournaments in South Americae syne 2005, Nadal made his comeback at the Latin American Golden Swing, stairtin his 2013 saison at the 2013 VTR Open in Chile,[162] whaur he advanced tae the feenal wioot dropping a set but wis beaten bi Argentine warld No. Tae end the year, Nadal won twa o his three roond robin matches tae advance tae the semifeenals o the Tennis Masters Cup in Shanghai, whaur Federer defeatit him in straucht sets. He an aa plays very fine dropshots, which wirk especially well acause his hivy topspin eften forces opponents tae the back o the court. Nadal wis the first Spanish man syne Manuel Santana in 1966, tae reach the Wimbledon feenal, but Federer won the match in fower sets tae win his fowert consecutive Wimbledon teetle. At his Wimbledon debut in 2003, Nadal acame the youngest man tae reach the third roond syne Boris Becker in 1984. Nadal won in straucht sets. Nadal hauds the record for maist consecutive teetles at a pairteecular toornament efter winnin his echth straucht Monte-Carlo Masters in 2012. Rafael Nadal Parera [rafaˈel naˈðal paˈɾeɾa] (* 3. Nadal wis then the leader in terms o matches won in the year, wi 29. He wis stunned bi Nicolas Almagro in the quarterfeenals o the Barcelona Open. This wis a reference tae his marathon veectory ower Murray on Saturday. He wis ane o the sax players who defeatit Federer that year (alang wi Tim Henman, Albert Costa, Gustavo Kuerten, Dominik Hrbatý, an Tomáš Berdych). Baith performances war considered tae be breakthroughs for Nadal. Nadal eventually prevailed in 2 oors an 40minutes. 1 and Career Grand Slam, 2013: Eighth French Open, second US Open title, return to No. Nadal statit that he wis very unhappy wi the new blue-coloured clay an threatened nae tae attend in the future if the surface wis nae changed back tae red clay. [43] Bi beatin warld No. 1 ranking. He next played in the 2011 Cincinnati Masters, whaur he lost tae Mardy Fish in the quarterfeenals. He won the feenal in straucht sets ower his compatriot Fernando Verdasco. He won the teetles at the Masters Series Monte Carlo, the Open Sabadell Atlántico in Barcelona, an the Masters Series Internazionali BNL d'Italia in Rome, afore losin tae Roger Federer in the feenal o the Masters Series Hamburg. Desde a súa primeira participación en 2004, participou en … Houiver, Nadal haes shed that label due tae his success on ither surfaces, includin holding simultaneous Grand Slam tournament teetles on grass, haurd courts, an clay on twa separate occasions, winning aicht Masters series teetles on hardcourt, an winning the Olympic gowd medal on hardcourt. [135], Juist a week later, Nadal won his saxt Barcelona Open crown, winning the 2011 Barcelona Open Banco Sabadell feenal against Ferrer in straucht sets. Nadal leads 6–1 on clay, 3–0 on grass an 6–5 on haurd courts (includin 5–3 in outdoor courts, but Murray leads 2–1 on indoor haurd courts). In October, he reached the feenal o the China Open, guaranteeing he wad acome warld nummer ane for the third time efter losin it in Julie 2011. And Rafael Nadal is a person who has been totally committed to his career since he was very young. He haes a younger sister named María Isabel. [87] He acame the first player tae win fower Rome teetles. [62][63] Thay played the langest (in terms o time on coort, nae in terms o nummers o gemmes) feenal in Wimbledon history, an acause o rain delays, Nadal won the fift set 9–7 in near-darkness. [238] This wis the first time that the label haes chosen a tennis player for the job; association football haes ruled lately prior tae Ronaldo, David Beckham graced the ads syne 2008. This ended a streak o seiven straucht feenal losses tae Djokovic, which began at the 2011 Indian Wells Masters feenal. Literatuur. It's very, very nice. Federer haed won his record fift grass-court teetle at the Gerry Weber Open in Halle, an then reached the Wimbledon feenal wioot losin a set. The twa earlier shared the record for the langest match played in a best o three sets (4 oors an 3 minutes) at the 2009 Mutua Madrid Open semifeenals until the match atween Roger Federer an Juan Martín del Potro in the London 2012 Olympics Semifinal, which is the langest best-of-three-set match bi time (at 4 oors an 26 minutes). His semifeenal opponent wis warld No. I Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera (Catalan: [rəˈfɛɫ nəˈðaɫ pəˈɾeɾə]; Pangayagkas a Castila: [rafaˈel naˈðal paˈɾeɾa]) (mibait 3 Junio 1986) metung yang Espanyol a mamyalung tenis a propesyonal ampong sadyang mumuna king yatu.As of 11 2012 (), ya kadwa agpang king Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP). This wis Nadal's first tour feenal syne Doha earlier in the year. This set up a feenal against warld No. Later in September, Nadal helped Spain secure thair Davis Cup World Group Playoff spot for 2014, wi a veectory against Sergiy Stakhovsky an a doubles win wi Marc Lopez. In the seicont roond, he defeatit qualifier Oleksandr Dolgopolov, Jr. in straucht sets. Zijn echte naam naam was Raffaello Sanzio. He haes appeared in advertising campaigns for Kia as a global ambassador for the company. [52] In Februar, he lost in the semifeenals o the first tournament he played, the Open 13 tournament in Marseille, Fraunce. 1 for the first time, breaking the dominance o Federer an Nadal on the poseetion, which ane o them haed held for every week syne 2 Februar 2004. Efter widrawing frae Miami, Nadal attemptit tae defend his teetle at the 2013 Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters, but, despite reachin the feenal for the ninth consecutive year, he wis beaten bi Djokovic in straucht sets. This wis his third Indian Wells Masters teetle an his first hardcourt teetle syne October 2010, an made Nadal the player wi the maist Masters 1000s wins. It wis his 44th career teetle an 19t at a Masters event. Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera is a Spanish professional tennis player. The Federer–Nadal rivalry is between professional tennis players Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, widely regarded as two of the greatest tennis players of all time.. He beat Federer at the Masters Series Monte Carlo for the third straucht year, capturing his Open Era record fowert consecutive teetle thare. Quotes . 2 in the world by the Association of Tennis Professionals (ATP), has been ranked No. 2,700 revolutions per minute. During the spring clay-court saison, Nadal won fower singles teetles an defeatit Roger Federer in three feenals. Afore the 2010 U.S. Open, Nadal modified his service grip tae a mair continental ane. Efter the US Open, Nadal made the feenal o the Japan Open Tennis Championships. 12 Jürgen Melzer in the third roond, snapping his record streak o 21 consecutive Masters quarterfeenals. His foundation haes an aa worked in the Anantapur Educational Center project, in collaboration wi the Vicente Ferrer Foundation. Nadal stairtit 2011, bi pairteecipatin in the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in Abu Dhabi, Unitit Arab Emirates. He defeatit Tomáš Berdych in his first singles rubber tae gie the Spanish Davis Cup Team thair first pynt in the tie. 1. In the fowert roond, Nadal saved five match pynts, afore defeatin David Nalbandian for the first time. About. ", Nadal's mither, Ana Maria Parera, chairs the charitable organisation an faither Sebastian is vice-chairman. Rafael Nadal fait partie des cinq joueurs à avoir terminé au moins 5 saisons à la place de n o 1 mondial, à égalité avec Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic et Jimmy Connors, à une longueur du record de Pete Sampras - qui a terminé six saisons à la 1 re place [5]. Rafael Rafa Nadal Parera (Manacor, Espainia, 1986eko ekainaren 3a) tenislari profesionala da, historiako inoizko hoberenetarikoa. [73], Nadal's first offeecial ATP tour event for the year wis the 250 series Qatar Open in Doha. [81][82], At the 2009 Indian Wells Masters, Nadal won his thirteent Masters 1000 series tournament. Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera (Catalan: [rəfəˈɛɫ nəˈðaɫ pəˈɾeɾə], Spaingie: [rafaˈel naˈðal paˈɾeɾa]; born 3 Juin 1986) is a Spaingie professional tennis player currently ranked warld No. He then won the first Masters 1000 event of the year at Indian Wells. Rafael Nadal Parera (b.3 Haziran 1986, Manacor, Mallorca), yew teniswano İspanyolo.Tarixê tenisi de grand slami 9 rey qezenc kerdê tek merdımo.. Bıvênên. [50] Nine o Nadal's teetles war on clay, an the remainder war on haurd courts. 1 singles players, maist consecutive teetles at a pairteecular toornament, Western & Southern Financial Group Masters, 2010 Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships, "Rafael Nadal - Overview - ATP World Tour - Tennis", "The man from Majorca breathes scent of victory", "Wimbledon: Rafael Nadal happy with his game – and his shorts – as he moves through gears", "Why Djokovic's French Open Loss Is A Win for Men's Tennis", "Rafael Nadal wins a record eig"hth French Open tennis title", "French Open results 2013: Rafael Nadal advances to final with 5-set victory over Novak Djokovic", "Nadal Embraces History With a Record Seventh Title on the Clay of Roland Garros", "French Open 2013: Breaking Down Why Rafael Nadal is so Dominant on Clay", "Nadal Shakes Off Protessters, Ferrer to Win French Open", "Nadal takes down Djokovic, reaches French Open final", "Rafael Nadal overcomes doubts to win 8th French title", "Nadal roars back to King of Clay throne", "The Greatest Men's Tennis Player of All Time Is at the French Open", "Where Rafael Nadal Fits in the Greatest of All Time Debate", "Could Rafa Nadal Be the Greatest Tennis Player of All Time? Desde a súa primeira participación en 2004, participou en todas as edicións agás as de 2007, 2010, 2012, 2014 e 2017. At the Rome Masters, Nadal reached the feenal, whaur he defeatit Novak Djokovic tae improve his overall record tae 13–4 an clay record tae 8–0 against the Serb. [35] This made Toni Nadal intensify training, an at that time he encouraged Nadal tae play left-handed for a naitural advantage on the tennis court, as he noticed Nadal played forehand shots wi twa haunds. Setelah menempati peringkat dua dunia selama 158 minggu, pada 18 Agustus 2008 ia menjadi petenis berperingkat pertama dunia menggantikan Roger Federer. He wis a member o the winnin Spain Davis Cup team in 2004, 2008, 2009, an 2011. Wi this win, Nadal acame the first player in the open era tae win a tournament teetle for sax straucht years.[105]. He went on tae defeat Marin Čilić o Croatie, in the fowert roond. Later, he wis upset bi Borna Coric at the quarterfeenals o the 2014 Swiss Indoors. In the feenal, he won ower his main rival Roger Federer. In the feenal, Nadal avenged his defeat bi David Ferrer in the quarterfeenals o the 2011 Australian Open. 3 (Andy Murray acame the new No. Nadal wis able tae regroup, an at the 2010 Rakuten Japan Open Tennis Championships in Tokyo (debut), he defeatit Santiago Giraldo, Milos Raonic, an Dmitry Tursunov. The pair set a new warld record, breaking the latest langest major singles feenal atween Mats Wilander an Ivan Lendl, which lastit 4 oors an 54 minutes, at the US Open in 1988.[149]. Nadal defeatit Janko Tipsarević an Novak Djokovic. [109][110] He defeatit Paul-Henri Mathieu o Fraunce in the roond o 16 an in the quarterfeenals, he beat Robin Söderling o Swaden in fower sets. [187] Frae 2006 tae 2008, thay played in every French Open an Wimbledon feenal, an an aa met in the teetle match o the 2009 Australian Open an the 2011 French Open. Efter a ane-week break, Nadal won the Masters Series Internazionali BNL d'Italia in Rome, defeatin Federer in a fift-set tiebreaker in the feenal, efter saving twa match pynts an equaling Björn Borg's tally o 16 ATP teetles won as a teenager. Nadal next played in the 2010 Shanghai Rolex Masters in Shanghai, whaur he wis the tap seed, but lost tae warld No. At the World Tour Finals, Nadal lost aw three o his matches against Robin Söderling, Nikolay Davydenko, an Novak Djokovic respectively wioot winning a set. The win ower warld No. The veectory at Roland Garros merked the seicont time (2008) that Nadal haed won the French Open wioot dropping a single set (tying the record held bi Björn Borg). Well, we measured one forehand Nadal hit at 4,900. Nadal won the Madrid Open efter Kei Nishikori retired in the third set. In the feenal, he defeatit Novak Djokovic, which completit the Career Grand Slam for Nadal; he an aa acame the seicont male efter Andre Agassi tae complete a Career Golden Slam. Nadal won the Torneo Conde de Godó in Barcelona and beat 2004 French Open runner-up Guillermo Coria in the finals of the 2005 Monte Carlo Masters and the 2005 Rome Masters. Efter restin for a month frae a fit injury sustained during Wimbledon, he contestit the 2011 Rogers Cup, whaur he wis shocked bi Croatian Ivan Dodig in a third-set tiebreak. [247] Nadal reportedly ains 10 percent an wis offered the role o vice preses, but he rejectit that offer. Coach an uncle Toni Nadal an his agent, umwhile tennis player Carlos Costa, are an aa involved. [133] Nadal chalked up his 37th straucht win at the clay-court event, whaur he haes nae lost syne the 2003 Monte Carlo Masters. Efter the win, Nadal said that winning Wimbledon wis "more than a dream" for him, an thanked the crowd for bein baith kynd an supportive tae him an his adversary during the match an in the semifeenal against Andy Murray. This wis the langest Grand Slam tournament feenal in Open era history at 5 hrs, 53 mins. Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera (Catalan: [rəfəˈɛɫ nəˈðaɫ pəˈɾeɾə], Spaingie: [rafaˈel naˈðal paˈɾeɾa]; born 3 Juin 1986) is a Spaingie professional tennis player currently ranked warld No. At the 2013 Brasil Open, at São Paulo, Nadal struggled in the openin roonds, dropping sets tae Berlocq an qualifier Alund. [70] On 24 October at the Campoamor theatre in Oviedo, Spain, Nadal wis gien the Prince o Asturias Awaird for Sports, in recognition o his achievements in tennis. Rafael Nadal Parera (* 3. jún 1986, Manacor, Španielsko) je španielsky tenista. Nadal an aa won his next three matches in straucht sets, which set up his first Wimbledon feenal, which wis against Federer, who haed won this tournament the three previous years. Nadal later annoonced his widrawal frae the Davis Cup. His uncle, Miguel Ángel Nadal, is a retired professional footballer, who played for RCD Mallorca, FC Barcelona, an the Spanish national team. ", "Who's the best tennis player of all time? Tae complete the spring haurd-court saison, Nadal wis upset in the semifeenals o the Pacific Life Open in Indian Wells, California, bi James Blake, an wis upset in the seicont roond o the 2006 Miami Masters. [186], As tournament seedings are based on rankings, 20 o thair matches hae been in tournament feenals, includin an aw-time record 8 Grand Slam tournament feenals. In the third roond, he played Denis Istomin o Uzbekistan, whom he defeatit tae advance tae the quarterfeenals. On 10 November, Nadal widrew frae Spain's Davis Cup feenal against Argentina, as his knee injury haed nae healed completely. Nadal won the 2010 Wimbledon men's title bi defeatin Tomáš Berdych in straucht sets. [148] He defeatit Feliciano López in the fowert roond, then won in his quarterfeenal an semifeenal matches against Tomáš Berdych an Roger Federer respectively. Houiver, Nadal retained his No. Nadal acame the fowert male player during Open era tae win the same Grand Slam singles tournament fower consecutive years (the others bein Borg, Pete Sampras, an Federer). In the Australian Open, Nadal defeatit Peter Luczak, Lukáš Lacko, Philipp Kohlschreiber, an Ivo Karlović. The pair did nae meet in 2012, haein been scheduled tae meet in the semifeenal o the Miami Masters afore Nadal widrew wi injury. At 18, he helped pace Spain ower the US in the junior Davis Cup in his seicont, an feenal, appearance on the ITF junior circuit. 5, wi Ferrer replacing him at No. [237], Nadal replaced Cristiano Ronaldo as the new face o Emporio Armani Underwear an Armani Jeans for the spring/summer 2011 collection. [173] Nadal lost in the seicont roond o the Halle Open tae Dustin Brown the follaein week. Nadal won the third set easily an served for the match in the fowert set afore Federer broke him an forced a tiebreaker. [35] This mey be due tae the fact he is ambidextrous, playin tennis wi his left haund, an writing wi his right. Efter the match, Nadal stated, "Roger is probably the more complete player of the world. [212] Houiver, afore the 2010 US Open, he altered his service motion, arrivin in the trophy pose earlier an pullin the racket lawer during the trophy pose. Efter winning twa clay-court Masters, he participatit in the Madrid Open. Nadal fell tae warld No. Bi daein sae, he haes reached the feenals o aw fower majors consecutively. Premio Nadal, een Spaanse literatuurprijs; Personen met de achternaam Nadal. Rafael Nadal Parera est un joueur de tennis espagnol né le 3 juin 1986 à Manacor, sur l'île de Majorque, en Espagne.Il commence sa carrière professionnelle en 2001 [1] à la 1002 e place. [33] Recognizing that Nadal haed a naitural talent for tennis, anither uncle, Toni Nadal, a umwhile professional tennis player, introduced him tae tennis whan he wis three year auld. Rafael Nadal began his 2014 saison at the Qatar Open in Doha, defeatin Lukáš Rosol in the first roond[170] an he won the teetle efter defeatin Gaël Monfils in the feenal. Nadal dropped the first set but came back in the gemme tae win the next three sets tae lift the trophy. Il s'inspire de sa capacité à résister à la pression et à surmonter les moments difficiles des parties. [240] In December 2013, Nadal won a charity poker tournament against retired Brazilian football player Ronaldo an fower ither competitors. He reached his third feenal at Indian Wells, an lost against Novak Djokovic. 4 Andy Murray, efter coming back frae a ane-set deficit tae defeat Philipp Kohlschreiber. Yearly summary Early hard court season ATP Cup. [139] He has published Els Mandarins (Columna, 2011); Quan érem feliços (Destino, 2012); Quan en dèiem xampany (Columna, 2013); La Maledicció dels Palmisano (Columna, 2015), a bestseller published in 22 languages; and La senyora Stendhal (Columna, 2017).. [31] Nadal an aa acame the first left-handed man tae win the US Open syne John McEnroe in 1984. Federer an Nadal hae been playin ilk ither syne 2004, an thair rivalry is a significant pairt o baith men's careers. 690, upset Nadal in the seicont roond o the Stockholm Open. As in 2006, Nadal wis upset in the quarterfeenals. In the semifeenals, Nadal met his main rival Roger Federer, thair first meetin in a semifeenal syne the 2007 Masters Cup. He then won at the 2013 Barcelona Open Banco Sabadell ower Almagro, in straucht sets. Unlik thair previous twa Wimbledon feenals, tho, Federer wis nae the prohibitive favorite, an mony analysts picked Nadal tae win. The next week, Nadal wis the tap seed at the Cincinnati Masters, losin in the quarterfeenals tae 2006 Australian Open feenaleet Marcos Baghdatis. 2 in consecutive years. In the feenal, he faced Stanislas Wawrinka, against whom he entered the match wi a 12-0 record, haein won aw o thair previous 26 sets. [258] In Aprile 2014 he played the warld's nummer 1 female poker player, Vanessa Selbst, in a poker gemme in Monaco. Rafael Nadal Parera (Manacor, 3 de junho de 1986) é um tenista profissional espanhol.Já conquistou 97 títulos nível ATP, sendo que 86 foram em simples e 11 em duplas.Atualmente, ele ocupa o segundo lugar do ranking mundial masculino de simples da ATP. 1, 2009: Australian Open title, Shocked in Paris, 2010: Return to No. –) spanyol hivatásos teniszező, 2008-tól többször világelső az ATP listáján, kétszeres olimpiai bajnok. Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera; Manakor, 3. jun 1986) španski je teniser. [93] Houiver, lik his previous US Open campaign, he fell in the semifeenals, this time losin tae eventual champion Juan Martín del Potro. He has been ranked number one in the world. He fell in straicht sets tae a resurgent Nikolay Davydenko in the semifeenals. Rafael "Rafa" Nadal Parera (IPA: [rafa'el na'ðal]) (lahir di Manacor, Mallorca, Spanyol, 3 Juni 1986; umur 34 tahun) adalah petenis profesional asal Spanyol. [206], Nadal employs a semi-wastren grip forehand, eften wi a "lasso-whip" follae throu, whaur his left arm hits throu the baw andfinishes abuin his left shouder – as opposed tae a mair traditional finish athort the body or aroond his opposite shouder. Clay court. Nadal comfortably came throu in straucht sets. [147] The seicont roond against Tommy Haas, who haes never won a set against Rafael, wis tighter, but Nadal again advanced in three straucht sets. 23 ranked Florian Mayer in straucht sets. En la pasinteco li dufoje unuarangis: 46 semajnoj de la 18-an de aŭgusto 2008 ĝis la 5-an de julio 2009, kaj 56 semajnoj de la 7-an de junio 2010 ĝis la 3an de julio 2011. He made his return at the 2014 China Open. He lost in the semifeenals an first roond o his first twa tournaments an then lost in the quarterfeenals o the Australian Open tae eventual runner-up Fernando González. [32] Nadal supports football clubs Real Madrid an RCD Mallorca. 1 ranking for 2010, makin Nadal anly the third player (efter Ivan Lendl in 1989 an Roger Federer in 2009) tae regain the year-end nummer ane ranking efter haein lost it.[119]. In August 2013, Nadal won the semifeenal match in Montreal, denying Djokovic his fowert Rogers Cup teetle. He played singles an doubles at this grass court tournament as a warmup for Wimbledon. [141] Nadal lost tae Novak Djokovic in the feenal in fower sets. [144] Nadal wis then relegatit tae the third place match against Roger Federer. 3.[47]. [248] His uncle Miguel Ángel Nadal, acame assistant coach unner Michael Laudrup. Nadal lost the first set 6–1, afore retiring in the seicont wi a knee injury. Fifteen o thair matches hae been on clay, which is statistically Nadal's best surface. [178] In Mey, Nadal lost in the quarterfeenals o the Rome Masters tae Stan Wawrinka in straucht sets. Het totaal aantal titels van Rafael Nadal is 103, waarvan 86 in het enkelspel en 11 in het dubbelspel. Quotes. During the seicont hauf o the year, Nadal battled a knee injury suffered during the Wimbledon feenal. [260], Frae Wikipedia, the free beuk o knawledge, Warld rankins – Tap ten tennis players as o week of 28 Mey 2018, 2008: French Open, Wimbledon, Olympic Gold & ascent to No. 2 Novak Djokovic, No. [253][254], Nadal lived wi his parents an younger sister Maria Isabel in a five-story apartment biggin in thair hometown o Manacor, Mallorca. Nadal wis seedit seicont at the 2005 US Open, whaur he wis upset in the third roond bi warld No. [86] 6 Tomáš Berdych in the matches leadin up tae the feenal. Antonio Nadal Homar, dit Toni Nadal, né le 21 février 1961 à Manacor, est un entraîneur de tennis espagnol.. Il est l'oncle du joueur de tennis Rafael Nadal et son entraîneur historique, le coachant de ses débuts en 1990, à 3 ans, jusqu'à la fin de la saison 2017.Ensemble, ils forment l'un des plus célèbres tandems entraîneur-joueur de l'histoire du sport.

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