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You can opt for the Free Programme, where you compose your own programme within certain guidelines. Executive Programme in Management Studies, Earn your MSc in Business Administration, Management Studies in 18 months Part-time study in Strategy, Leadership & Management, Digital Business. The programme approaches these problems from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, such as political studies, cultural studies, innovation studies and social studies. It challenges excellent students to become experts with regard to the literature and linguistics of classical languages or in the cultures and religions of Ancient Greece, Rome or the Near East. Epidemiology is absolutely fundamental for maintaining and improving public health. Study the Master Sociology at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. You learn to challenge existing knowledge and contribute to practical solutions and applications. Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image (Media Studies). With the Master in Management & Technology, we created a program that gives you an outstanding education in management as well as profound skills in engineering or natural sciences at one of Europe’s top technical universities. The Master's programme in biological sciences at the UvA is a 2-year programme that offers specialisations in ecology, limnology and oceanography, green life sciences and general biology. Those questions don’t respect borders: European borders are fading and businesses and people can move freely. Because it’s such a broad subject, the programme has been divided into a series of specialisations, meaning that you can focus on your own interests and ambitions. Want to study Competition Law & Economics? Earth Sciences: Environmental Management at the UvA combines an education in geo-ecological science with interdisciplinary skills. Psychology: Human Resource & Career Management (track). They can minor either in a subject related to their principal field of study or in a subject from another province of knowledge. Sustaining natural biodiversity and protecting the environment is impossible without extensive knowledge of ecology and evolution. Molecular Simulation and Photonics at the UvA focuses on computational and photonic research of structure, dynamics and function in atomic, (bio)molecular and multi-scale systems. The programme is offered in cooperation between the School of Business and Economics and the United Nations University-Maastricht Economic and Social Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (UNU-MERIT). In the Master's Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image you engage with theories and practices of collecting, restoring and displaying visual material. European Union Law (International and European Law). Learn from academic and business professionals from UvA and VU. You’ll learn to develop cutting-edge interventions and strategies to ensure that people stay healthy throughout their career. filter, Apply   Study the language, literature and culture of the Russian and Slavonic-speaking world in one of our four Master's degree programmes. filter, Apply   The two-year track Gravitation, Astro-, and Particle Physics (GRAPPA) in the Master’s programme Physics and Astronomy stands at at the intersection of theoretical physics, experimental (astro)particle physics and astrophysics. Customise your MSc Business Administration by selecting your specialisation and electives. For students with an interest in big data and human behaviour. In the Master’s Identity and Integration, you will study contemporary challenges in Europe and the EU from the perspectives of history, arts and culture, media and politics. The UvA's Data Science track in the Information Studies Master's Programme makes it possible to become a skillful expert in this field. September The UvA and the world’s leading tax research institute, IBFD, have combined their expert knowledge to create a unique Advanced Master’s programme in International Tax Law. After sucessful registration the examination office will send us a form containing the following information: specific topic as well starting time and deadline for submitting the Master thesis. Heritage, Memory and Archaeology (Archaeology). In the one-year Master's in General Linguistics, you will explore how the systems of the languages of the world can vary and to what extent this variation is constrained. The Master's programme Neurobiology is for those students who are fascinated by the functioning of the human brain. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Triple Crown accredited. In this programme, you will develop an understanding of the specific opportunities and challenges related to emerging economies. The Green Life Sciences study programme gives you the opportunity to combine training in the theoretical and practical aspects of chemical ecology, ecogenomics, biotechnology, plant breeding, phytopathology, cell biology, biochemistry and population biology. Are you interested in motivating individuals to maintain their health and wellbeing? Do you want to know how exercise and nutrition influences health and disease? Study the language, literature and culture of Denmark, Sweden and Norway in one of our four Master's degree programmes. The Dual Master's Archival and Information Studies focuses on Archival Studies, treating theory and practice, and training you in the science of record-keeping. Curating Art and Cultures is a unique, two-year Dual Master's programme designed to train the curators and (museum) researchers of the future. The Research Master Urban Studies offers a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach to studying urban change. Read more about curriculum. This Master's track focuses on the role and significance of media, journalism and information in shaping public opinion. Learn about the financial and mathematical analysis of complex risk management and insurance issues. As a Healthcare Policy, Innovation and Management student, you will learn how to critically analyse health systems, and you’ll learn how to initiate, develop, manage and evaluate healthcare innovations. Study Cultural Psychology (UvA Master) at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. The Master's in Theatre Studies offers you the opportunity to specialise in theatre and performance in one of the world’s most vibrant theatre cities. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. General Remarks The master’s programme in business administration is a follow-on to a bachelor’s degree course in economic science. Study Coaching and Vitality in Organisations (UvA Master in Psychology) at the University of Amsterdam and learn more about occupational health psychology. In the Master’s in East European Studies you explore the politics and culture of the region - incl. Choose the Monetary Policy & Banking track in our Master's in Economics programme. Do you have a keen interest in issues surrounding physical activity, ageing, health, nutrition and sports? The Research Master's in Cultural Analysis is dedicated to the interdisciplinary analysis of culture at large, including art, literature, cinema, and new media. It was the perfect opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge into practice, develop my own ideas and discuss possible solutions … Start your career at Amsterdam Business School. The Master's degree programme in Archaeology will immerse you in the material culture of Europe’s past from the Bronze Age until the Early Modern Period. In the Master's in Philosophy, you explore Anglo-Saxon and European philosophy, and acquire the skills to formulate, analyse and discuss philosophical problems. You’ll study different factors that affect sustainability, such as global dynamics, policy, governance and law. This is a track within our Master's in Business Economics. filter, Apply   filter, Apply   The most flexible Business Administration Master's Program in Germany The Mannheim Master in Management - in short: MMM - is the most flexible Master's program in business administration in Germany. We offer a general programme and tracks in labour, culture, gender/sexuality, urban and migration studies. How do children learn to speak? Science for Energy and Sustainability at the UvA is an interdisciplinary programme, covering topics from both physics and chemistry, and combining ‘hard’ scientific research with the analysis of societal issues, business models and government regulations. This wide range of subjects enables an interdisciplinary exchange on the … filter, Apply   Business Economics: Competition Law and Economics (track). 3 years Study Behavioural Data Science (UvA Master in Psychology) at the University of Amsterdam. You’ll learn how to develop and evaluate health education and promotion initiatives and you’ll develop communication strategies to disseminate these programmes to various audiences. Look at the programme for European Competition Law and Regulation of the Master's International and European Law at the Amsterdam Law School. This English-taught track focuses on (cross-)cultural psychology. These are some of the topics that a Work and Organizational Psychologist studies. Choose from 3 top-level tracks: Managerial Economics & Strategy, Competition Law & Economics or Neuroeconomics. This Master's track focuses on communication of commercial and non-profit organisations. Data Science & Knowledge Engineering Do you have a sharp mind? The multidisciplinary master’s programme in Fiscal Economics is ideal for anyone with an interest in taxation, as well as the economic and legal consequences of it. Become a leader in big data. Executive education with cutting-edge developments in Corporate Finance, FinTech, IT and Asset Management. The master’s programme International and European Tax Law combines courses on taxation, European law, business and politics. Cookies that make it possible to track visitors and show them personalised adverts. The Master Urban Geography focuses on global and local perspectives on cities. Business in Society (joint Research Master's programme). Earth Sciences: Environmental Management (track). Human Decision Science is a multidisciplinary master's programme that combines insights from both psychology and economics. We invite you to explore the profile of each specialisation and the practical details of how to apply! Business Economics: Neuroeconomics (track). Download a personalized brochure. Choose the Development Economics track in our Master's in Economics programme. Study Social Sciences at th University of Amsterdam, Europe. These are used by third-party advertisers to gather data about online behaviour. Study the language, literature and culture of Italy in one of four Master's degree programmes. Want to study Managerial Economics & Strategy ? Information Studies: Information Systems (track), International and Transnational Criminal Law (International Criminal Law). This enables students to develop an integrated view of the functioning of plants. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Earn your MSc at an internationally highly ranked university. Find out more on our website. Students will also learn how to participate in and contribute … And would you like to learn how to best treat, diagnose and manage different disorders? Biomedical Sciences: Medical Biology tracks. This highly practical programme will train you to unravel the molecular mechanisms in health and disease and will teach you how these insights can benefit patients. Philosophy of the Humanities and the Social Sciences (Philosophy). It is a multi-disciplinary, research-based and practice-oriented programme that will prepare you for a career in European or EU-related public affairs and public service. Study Psychology in the two-year Research Master programme at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Europe. Part-time Spirituality and Religion (Theology and Religious Studies). Distinguishing aspects of the programme are its small-scale, group-based education, allowing for close interaction with both the teaching staff and other highly motivated students, and its attractive mix of theoretical and practical training. The Netherlands, UM visiting address For excellent and motivated students. Study the language, literature and culture of the French-speaking world through one of four Master's degree programmes. Behavioural Sciences Learning and Development in Organisations (formerly named Management of Learning) is a multidisciplinary programme that combines elements from economics, business, human resource management and learning sciences. The programme will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to manage strategic change projects in the supply chains of global organisations. The Research Master International Development Studies focuses on development processes, transformations and shifting balances of power in the Global South. Want to study Public Policy? Want to study Behavioural Economics & Game Theory? You will analyse debates and new developments in politics from a wide range of perspectives. Business Research is a two-year, English-language master’s programme that starts in September. The programme will introduce you to the key concepts of learning and development in the workplace. Business Administration (MSc): International Business (track). Study Corporate Communication in Amsterdam (Netherlands, Europe). Then you should consider getting a master’s in Business Intelligence and Smart Services. Start your career at Amsterdam Business School. The LLM programme in trade and investment law at the Amsterdam Law School focuses on WTO rules and related issues, earning you a degree in International and European Law. Mathematics at the UvA is a vibrant and versatile field, in which the dividing line between theory and practice is often merely an illusion. Or you can choose one of the other four specialisations: Trade and Business Law, Private Law, Constitutional and Administrative Law, or Criminal Law. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam. Want to study Monetary Policy & Banking? The Media Studies Master’s New Media and Digital Culture builds on the pioneering new media scene, and enables you to contribute to the discourse surrounding critical media theory. The Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED) offers a state-of-the-art Master's programme in Ecology and Evolution. The pre-master's programme for International Business is a transfer programme for students of Universities of Applied Sciences who wish to obtain a university master's degree in International Business. Communication Science: Political Communication. The Software Engineering programme concerns the broad field of software engineering, a field that is in constant movement due to innovations in technology, design patterns and techniques. You’ll also develop the professional skills needed for an international career in economics, business or policymaking. Multidisciplinary and international environment. B. Betriebswirtschaftslehre (Public and Non-Profit Management) Master of Science (M.Sc.) If so, the master’s programme in Forensics, Criminology and Law could be for you. Overview Program length: 24 months (full-time) Tracks: Accounting, Finance, Information Systems, Management, Marketing, Operations, Taxation Application: an application for the MMBR is no longer possible. The master’s programme in Global Health focuses on the complexities of global health and its relation to technological innovation and social, political and economic change. Business Administration (MSc): Honours programme Sustainability. The Master's Youth at Risk at the University of Amsterdam prepares you to become a scientist-practitioner in the field of parenting, education, and child development. Physics and Astronomy: Theoretical Physics (track). Study Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Biological Sciences: Freshwater & Marine Biology (track). The programme combines political science, history, international relations, economics and culture studies, focusing on the international dimensions of European policy, governance and administration. The University of Amsterdam offers several pioneering Master’s programmes in Media Studies, exploring film, television, journalism, new media and digital culture. In this Master’s programme you will study the changing role of religion and spirituality in contemporary societies and their historical roots. You will develop a strong feel for scientific research and high levels of abstraction, and learn to combine the rapid developments in these fields. The curriculum relies heavily on algorithmic-driven procedures but also involves lots of mathematics and logic. YouTube, Apply   Master's programmes. Studying the LLM in international criminal law at the Amsterdam Law School entails a semester at the prestigious Columbia Law School in New York. International Criminal Law - Joint Program with Columbia Law School (International Criminal Law). Curating Art and Cultures (Heritage Studies). In the Master’s English Literature and Culture you study the history and theory of literature in the English-speaking world and its relationship to other media. The Master Environmental Geography focuses on governance for sustainability. Prepare for an international career in finance. The pre-master's programme for Learning and Development in Organisations programme is a transfer programme for students of Universities of Applied Sciences who wish to obtain a university master's degree in Learning and Development in Organisations. This will prepare you to work for universities, NGOs or governmental organisations. Study Social Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. Information Law (LLM) - Students can no longer enrol. In the International Laws programme, you’ll combine courses from our Globalisation and Law and European Law School programmes with training in two foreign languages. For the supervision of a Master's thesis, preference is given to students who have specialised in the area of FACT and/or have made in-depth studies in Corporate Finance. Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience Health & Life Sciences 6211 LK Maastricht Come study this track within our Master's in Economics programme. On completion of this master's, you are eligible for registration as a certified Epidemiologist A (Dutch registration system). This programme information is only offered in Dutch. Want to work with a bank or a consultancy firm? Identity and Integration (European Studies). As of the academic year 2020-2021, the programme in Artistic Research will be integrated in the research Master's programme Art and Performance Research Studies. New Media and Digital Culture (Media Studies). It will give you an excellent foundation for a PhD or a research career within business, government or academia. Russia and Central Europe - in the 20th and 21st centuries. The Labour and Business specialisation teaches you the various legal implications of running a business and covers topics like mergers and acquisitions, employment conditions and social insurance. Study Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. filter, Apply   The Master International Relations studies global politics and key questions about war, peace, justice, efficiency and identity. Study the language, literature and culture of the German-speaking world through one of our four Master's degree programmes. Science for Energy and Sustainability (SES) is an two-year interdisciplinary track within the Master's programmes Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy at the UvA. Public Policy and Governance (Political Science). Phone: +49 931 31 80017 Fax: +49 931 31 82582. And why is it difficult to change bad habits? The master’s degree Mannheim Master in Management qualifies students to begin a doctoral program in Business Administration. list of Master's programmes on our Dutch site. This programme is the perfect choice for anyone with an interest in European public health policies. And can you see yourself using data and new technologies to create smart service innovations? Information Studies: Data Science (track). The pro­gram offers a high level of flex­i­bility. The master’s in Econometrics and Operations Research focuses on using quantitive data to aid economic and management decision making. This programme is offered as a double degree in collaboration with United Nations University. Environmental Geography (Human Geography). It focusses on the development and production techniques of novel, biobased materials that are necessary for the transition to a sustainable economy. What happens to our brain when we age? School of Business and Economics This last category consists of tracking cookies: these make it possible for your online behaviour to be tracked. Master-Zulassung & International Admissions Please note: It is currently not possible to reply to Microsoft emails … International Trade and Investment Law (International and European Law). Biological Sciences: Ecology and Evolution (track). If you want another person to review your exam, she needs an … Business Administration (MSc): Entrepreneurship and Management in the Creative Industries (track). English Literature and Culture (Literary Studies). Studienkoordination Master BWL R. 301 A u. The programme will provide you with an in-depth overview of European law and how it interacts with national law. In the Master’s Comparative Cultural Analysis you explore the impact of contemporary issues like globalisation across intercultural forms of literature and arts. Asset management (or investment management) studies portfolios of assets, typically including stocks, bonds and cash, for individuals or companies. Business Economics: Managerial Economics and Strategy (track). Application: An overview of grades and a certificate of the registered examination results must be uploaded together with the application via … Help organisations improve their marketing through better consumer insight. The Linguistics Master’s Language and Society explores language from a pragmatic perspective, focusing on the analysis of language use, variation and policy. This programme is for students doing historical, theoretical and practice-based research in the visual and performative arts who enjoy being challenged and learn how to develop and execute research ideas in an interdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary and cross-media environment. In this challenging master's programme, you’ll learn how you can explain, predict and –if necessary- change how people think and what they do. filter, Apply   In the Research Master's in Religious Studies, you explore the entire spectrum of religious experience and practices in Western societies. Choose the Control track in Master's in Accountancy and Control at University of Amsterdam. The programme also cooperates with various institutes both within and outside the UvA, including the Dutch Cancer Institute. Maastricht Sustainability Institute Biological Sciences: Medical Biology tracks at the UvA is a challenging Master's programme where you acquire thorough knowledge of the cellular, molecular and biochemical basis of medical pathologies. Study Political Science at the University of Amsterdam, Europe. You will learn about the psychology of people who come into contact with the law, and will receive the specialised skills training you need to work in this diverse, complex and challenging field. You will learn more about the scientific and social significance of art, culture and heritage and will acquire in-depth knowledge and understanding of the theory and practice of cultural policy, cultural education, and the management and marketing of arts and heritage. Do you look at a mountain of data and see an ocean of opportunity? The Master's programme in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology combines molecular and cell biology, computer science and mathematical modelling to integrate vast amounts of biological data into fundamental knowledge. The programme Master of Science in Business Administration aims to provide students with necessary business management knowledge and skills to work successfully in an international and constantly changing economic envinronment.. We trongly believe that the following skills are essential to this: General knowledge: If you are interested in pursuing a master… The master’s programme in Artificial Intelligence focuses on the design and creation of intelligent systems that can, for example, play games, control robots or analyse data. This is a track within our Master's in Business Economics. Twitter In the Master’s in Comparative Literature you analyse Western and non-Western literary and cultural phenomena within an interdisciplinary, globalised context. Unravel the theoretical origins of strategic corporate decisions. Maastricht Graduate School of Governance Amsterdam MBA is small-scale , network-oriented with personal one-to-one career guidance. The Master’s in Literature, Culture and Society draws on literature, cultural studies and history to explore European literature in its intercultural context. It can be subdivided into statistics, probability theory and stochastic operations research. filter, Apply   This Master's track focuses on the experience, role, and impact of entertainment media on groups and individuals. Arts of the Netherlands (Arts and Culture). We help students, academics and people in business become critical, creative, caring and collaborative thinkers and doers. These programmes, composed in a module structure, allow students to complete and reinforce their basic … The prerequisite for enrolment in a Master of Education programme is a subject-relevant bachelor's degree from a German university.

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